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27/08/2010 2010-08-27 20:00:00 JaME Author: Maya


GaGaalinG finished up their career with their last show at Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE.

On July 17th, fans gathered in anticipation for GaGaalinG LAST GIG ~GGGGG~ at Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE. It had been a while since GaGaalinG announced they would be ceasing their activities. However, the months seem to have gone by quickly as the day arrived for them to set the crown on their five years. A very unique group, GaGaalinG consists of vocalist MYM in her twenties, bassist Jun in his thirties, guitarist MOTO in his forties, and last but not least, the oldest, drummer Cherry in his fifties. Like the members, the fans also span a wide range in terms of gender and age.

Relatively young fans seemed to be in the front, some chatting, others moving their bodies to the background music, getting warmed up for the live. About a few minutes past five, the lights in the compact live house, Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE, dimmed and the screen in front of the stage slowly scrolled up. The upbeat SE resounded throughout the hall, as blue lights flashed to the beating music. When the members appeared on stage one by one, the fans also started clapping to the rhythm with joy. MYM appeared last with a bright smile that triggered more cheers from the audience.

The first song, REVOLUTION, came on with MOTO’s striking guitar and Cherry’s strong drums. All at once, the fans had their hands in the air swaying to the music. MYM, from start, was all smiles singing to the audience with her high toned voice that has surprisingly good chemistry with the heavy music. Already from the first song the band was greeted with intense applause, and MYM shouted: “Thank you! Please enjoy till the end!!” The fists were up for the following Rain Man. During the main melody Jun sang the chorus, sometimes singing with the audience with a warm smile.

After a brief MC by MYM, one of the early songs of GaGaalinG, Kokoro Drive started up. Colorful lights filled the venue, and the fans had their hands in the air, mirroring MYM as she moved about the stage singing to them. MOTO came in front and heated up the fans with his magnificent solo, and MYM delighted everyone with a grin. She urged the audience to keep their fists up more with shouts. Following the upbeat song RENDEZVOUS was Flash Back, a heavier song where intense red lights flashed constantly.

“Enjoying?” MYM shouted to the audience and without a second to spare, the audience yelled back. She continued, “Then we’re gonna enjoy more and more!”

A bright and encouraging song, Ai no chikara~ born to be loved~ started right away. The audience had their hands up in the air waving left to right, sometimes back and forth with MYM. In the last part of the song, MYM’s vocal was accompanied by Jun’s chorus, ending the song beautifully. With undying applause from the audience, the next song, Take Me Heaven, the song that marked the beginning of GaGaalinG, had the audience pumping their fist to MYM’s intense vocals.

By contrast, i-SCREAM MACHINE was calmer, and MYM sang it all in front of the mic stand. Though near the end, it was an impressive sight to see all the members playing facing the drum. Orange lights flashed constantly in the intro for Keep on… and the audience waved to MOTO for his magnificent guitar solo.

Thanking the audience, MYM continued, “we’re already in the middle of our set list. Enjoying it?” After enthusiastic claps and woos, she went on, “I lost my favorite ring the other day, and was very sad. BUT today’s live will make me forget it. You guys (pointing at the audience) have to make it fun with us!”

MYM then went to her position, and MOTO’s acoustic guitar played the intro of Pray. Gentle blue lights lit the stage faintly, with the spotlight cast over MYM. She sang strongly, always reaching out to the audience. Continuing to a ballad, Yumeutsutsu, MYM’s gentle vocals enveloped the whole venue in peace as the pink and wavering white lights created a lovely visual atmosphere.

“Believe in something, strongly. I hope you all find something to bring home today.”
Inner space came right after MYM’s MC, a very colossal song with Cherry’s impressive drumming.

The heaviest of the day was the fast-paced lost in child, featuring MOTO’s distorted guitar and Cherry’s thunderous drum. Jun’s cool bass and well-tuned refrain and MYM’s strong vocal were apparent in the following Little Giant on my shoulder. Continued to time is time, the audience had their hands up in the air moving to the beat of the catchy music.

MYM then shouted, “raise your voices!” in Kowaremono. Soon the venue was flooded with the fans shouting. MOTO and Jun were moving about the stage, and MYM holding up a rabbit plush doll in the air, jumped to the rhythm of the music.

After an MC by MYM and Jun, they proceeded to Michishirube, a song of courage. MYM often smiled throughout, singing to the audience as if talking to them. Pierce (pierced pleasures) came on next, and led by MYM, the fans had their fist up pumping in the air during the main melody. The other members were also all smiles and moved around actively. The fans clapped to the beat of Cherry’s drum for desperate. On the count of 3-2-1, the venue was shaking with literally everybody jumping to the heavy, upbeat music. Red and white strobe lights flashed constantly, while Jun and MOTO shouted as fans head banged heavily.

In CHANCE as well, everybody was answering MYM’s shouts by pumping fists in the air. For the last song on the main set, they’d chosen FAVORITE GAME Yeah! Yeah. MYM clapped her hands over her head to the enjoyable music and Jun showed an impressive bass play that a lot of people appreciated. Sometimes MOTO and Jun would exchange places, seeming to enjoy the different view.

As the song came to an end, MYM jumped up and down delighted, waving and leaving the stage with the other members also waving to the audience. A few minutes later, the members returned to the stage.

MYM then took the microphone, saying, "we all have dreams, and we do everything we can to achieve them. Don’t give up your dream. Keep on believing.” The first encore, Dream ON then started. MYM waved her hand to the music and the audience followed suit. Glowing orange lights enveloped the venue during the encouraging song.

Before the last song, each member spoke a bit. Cherry spoke about the five years of their activities, MOTO kept it short by saying thanks to the fans, and Jun, who'd become a member later, spoke of how he was thankful to get so much love from the members and fans. MYM, in tears, thanked everybody and regretfully announced she would be leaving the stage for good. The announcement had the fans in tears also.

GaGaalinG chose Tsuyoi namida as their last song. A song they had treasured, it was definitely worthy of bringing the live to a successful conclusion. Peaceful but also strong, the song had the members and audience becoming one, closing the book on GaGaalinG’s five years. MYM blew kisses, and the other members also expressed their gratitude to the audience. Lingering for the farewell, MYM stayed till the last, thanking the audience.

Even after the curtains were down, many of the fans stayed, some of them yelling at the top of their lungs "thank you" towards the stage so the members could hear them from backstage. There is no doubt GaGaalinG will be missed and will remain in the hearts of their fans.

Set list:

1. Revolution
2. Rain Man
3. KokoroDrive
5. Flash Back
6. Ai no chikara ~born to be loved~
7. Take Me Heaven
9. Keep on…
10. Pray
11. Yumeutsutsu
12. inner space
13. lost in child
14. Little Giant on my Shoulder
15. time is time
16. Kowaremono
17. Michishirube
18. Pierce (pierced pleasures)
19. desperate
21. FAVORITE GAME Yeah! Yeah

1. Dream ON
2. Tsuyoi Namida


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