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MIMIZUQ 4th Anniversary ONEMAN LIVE "MIMIZUQ and Time Traveling Train ~MONSTER GIRL in the Child Room~" at SHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASURE

15/07/2022 2022-07-15 14:00:00 JaME Author: Tomo

MIMIZUQ 4th Anniversary ONEMAN LIVE "MIMIZUQ and Time Traveling Train ~MONSTER GIRL in the Child Room~" at SHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASURE

Celebrating their fourth anniversary, MIMIZUQ took fans on a ride.

© Shinji Tanaka (Luz-p.o.)
MIMIZUQ marked their 4th anniversary with a concert at Tokyo's SHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASURE on June 18th. The anniversary show was held with an in-person audience, albeit with a limited-capacity crowd and various infection prevention measures in place for fans’ safety. The show was also live-streamed via TwitCasting.

The sounds of rain and wind resonated around the venue after the house lights went out. Bassist seek, drummer poco, and guitarist/"clown" AYA walked out onstage with flashlights. Vocalist Tsubasa followed with a lantern.

The band started the show with an instrumental: numbers. The beautiful melody of Tsubasa's harmonica and his bandmates' vibrant playing drew fans into MIMIZUQ's world. Afterwards, the band played Fuka. Fans pumped their fists to the uplifting pop-rock song. During the performance, Tsubasa impressed with his high-tone voice and energetic acoustic guitar playing.

"1,2,3,4!" poco shouted to start Shizumu morini furu itsukushimi no ame, banging out his danceable drumbeat. Tsubasa also playing guitar seemed to give AYA more freedom. He thrilled the fans with his guitar solo and had them dancing along with him. seek's hard-hitting bassline strengthened the band's sound. Next, Piggyback showcased MIMIZUQ's tender side.

Then, the stage was plunged into darkness and a narrator began to speak: "Thank you for boarding the time-travelling train. The train has various different passengers. You will see several meetings and partings appear on the windows. Right now, the train is passing through dark forests. Now, you can see a girl in a Child Room. Today, we will guide you to the Child Room."

After the narration, the band members came back to the stage with balloons and gift boxes. Secret Parade filled the venue with a cheerful atmosphere. AYA, seek, and poco danced around merrily with their prop instruments and fans swayed along with them.

To make the mood even happier, the band members took time to greet the fans:

Tsubasa: "Today is our four-year anniversary! Thank you!"
seek:  "Today is also the 1st anniversary of Tsubasa joining the band. Congratulations!".

Then, Tsubasa suddenly started to improvise. He started to sing while strumming his guitar, as if he was speaking to the audience. He shared that each fan's support creates the band's future, and that he would like to continue drawing a dream and journeying together.

After the MC, the band played MONSTER GIRL. The song's soothing melody and Tsubasa's silky voice charmed the fans. Next, the party song NAMIDA MUSIC FACTORY changed the atmosphere.

The following Natsuno yuudachi, suishin 300 meter expressed bittersweetness and nostalgia, both of which are essential ingredients of MIMIZUQ's concept of "Namida Music". The mellow sounds of seek's electric upright bass enhanced the song's sentimental feel. A notable difference the band showed during the show was a change in AYA's performance style, focusing more on his role as a guitarist than as a "clown". As a result, one of the band's most popular songs, Zutto suki deshita, gained an extra edge and more dynamism. However, fans retained the fun aspect of the song by dancing along to its choreography. It seemed that MIMIZUQ and their fans had grown together over the course of the past four years.

Later, the band delighted the crowd with a new song: Hairefururarireho. This party song filled the venue with a happy atmosphere. "Cheers!" Tsubasa shouted at the song's end. Afterwards, seek unexpectedly left the stage to change his bass guitar. Then, suddenly, AYA and poco launched into a hard rock jam session as they waited for seek to return. The bassist came back and joined in. Fans gave the band an ovation for treating them with a pleasant surprise.

Towards the end of the show, the band played their latest digital single Child Room, an urbane pop song that theatrically describes toys' farewell to a girl. Finally, a heartwarming performance of Grand Guignol closed the main set.

During the encore, each member took some time to speak to the fans.

poco: "Thank you for coming to our 4th anniversary show. I am glad to see Tsubasa celebrating his one-year anniversary of joining us. We used to have a support guitarist, but now we can perform by ourselves. We will continue doing our best to show you our evolution."

AYA: "The number of our songs increased a lot over the past four years, and I am happy about it. I will keep composing many more good songs."

seek: "I always believed that our band would keep going, even if we got temporarily stopped by the pandemic. I want to continue with the band as long as I live."

Tsubasa: "I watched MIMIZUQ's 3rd anniversary show as an audience member last year, which they performed with a guest vocalist. I am very thankful to my bandmates for continuing with the band, and for inviting me to join."

The band played three songs during the encore, showing their musical evolution by adding a Latin flavor to Kaze no harmony. Then, they played Tic-Tac, the first song Tsubasa composed for the band.

Tsubasa spoke about the closing song NUMBERS. "I listened to this song as an audience member at the last anniversary show, and I was thinking about how I would add my characteristics to the song. At the beginning of this show, we played the instrumental version. Now, we'll play the complete version of it," he said. With its grand scale and intensity, it made a fitting finale to the show.

"See you again on the tour!" Tsubasa told the fans at the end.

The schedule for MIMIZUQ's upcoming tour can be found here.

Set list

01. numbers -instrumental-
02. Fuka
03. Shizumu morini furu itsukushimi no ame
04. Piggyback
05. Secret Parade
08. Natsuno yuudachi, suishin 300 meter
09. Namida no seibun
10. Zutto suki deshita
11. Hairefururarireho
12. Tokyo INVADERZ
14. Child Room
15. Grand Guignol


16. Kaze no harmony
17. Tic-Tac
 Download or stream "Child Room"  More information on MIMIZUQ's upcoming tour


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