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MORRIE - The Rite of Spring - at Tokyo Kinema Club

25/03/2022 2022-03-25 01:00:00 JaME Author: Tomo

MORRIE - The Rite of Spring - at Tokyo Kinema Club

MORRIE celebrated his "birthday of the body" with fans worldwide.

© Yoshihiro Mori

March 4th is MORRIE's "birthday of the body". At this annual birthday show, he was accompanied by familiar faces from his live backing band: guitarist Kuroki Shinji, bassist TOKIE, keyboardist Hatano Takeyuki, saxophonist yukarie, drummer Eno Masafumi, and violinist Heather Paauwe. The birthday show was held with an in-person audience for the first time in two years, with a limited capacity crowd and various infection prevention measures in place for fans’ safety. It was also broadcast worldwide online via ZAIKO, and an archive of the live stream will be available for viewing until 11:59pm (JST) on April 3rd. Tickets for the archive can be purchased here.

MORRIE started the show with the new song Destiny. The harmony of his powerful voice and Paauwe's violin intoxicated fans, who were happy to see the duo playing music on the same stage again. The show then progressed to Icarus. MORRIE passionately delivered his vocals, telling of his existence flying beyond the confines of the flesh.

Next, MORRIE took up his guitar for Paradox. His sharp riff work made thrilling chemistry with the rhythmic drum beat and hard-hitting bass. During the stylish funk rock number, yukarie wowed the crowd with an explosive sax solo. Towards the end of the song, she and Kuroki stood alongside MORRIE and exhibited their superb technique. All of the musicians seemed to be enjoying playing together.

MORRIE's solo live shows always present his fans with an opportunity to fully appreciate his musicianship. During Dust Devil, his guitar strokes masterfully controlled the song's dynamic modulations, and together with Kuroki's shredding, whipped the audience into a frenzy.

Later, MORRIE delighted the crowd by performing DEAD END's song Dream Demon. The masterful playing of his fellow musicians enhanced its melodic beauty and the intoxicating glamour of MORRIE's voice. Meanwhile, fans waved their hands enthusiastically. Afterwards, another special moment came in the form of Paauwe's graceful violin solo during Bud of Panic.

The twelfth song Riding the Night showed distinct characteristics of MORRIE's music: a cosmic soundscape deriving from his existential depth, the indescribable beauty of his falsetto, and the presence of the wind blowing within the song. MORRIE projected his voice as if he was narrating his existential journey through universe while Paauwe's violin gently accompanied him. MORRIE then completely changed the atmosphere with the vigorous funk rock of SEX. He continued to excite the crowd with his strong vocals and edgy guitar work during the new song Fly Me To Neptune and the ensuing Danger Game.

The provocative sounds of bass and drums started the exhilarating You with a Good View. MORRIE sang out in the midst of energetic sax licks and the shredding sounds of violin and guitar. The crowd pumped their fists in response to the dynamic performance onstage. The main set closed with Love Dizziness and Dream. His voice was astonishingly full of life, and his overflowing vitality washed over his fans. "Thank you!", MORRIE shouted at the end as he accepted the ovation.

Later, during the encore, MORRIE took some time to speak to his fans:

"Thank you for coming today. It's my birthday again. I'm happy to be able to play music with great musicians whom I wish I could enjoy watching from the audience myself. I think what is happening in this world is 99.9% owing to the difference of taste. The key is to seek absolute and unchangeable eternity that transcends time. I talk a lot about the truth in my SOLITUDE show, so please come if you are interested."

After Me Anything marked the closure of this birthday show. MORRIE embodied freedom from time and space, and the dreaming sense of a heart reaching nothingness, which is, in fact, the infinite and boundless "I" existing in the now and eternity.

After the song, MORRIE introduced each member of his backing band to the crowds. They all gathered at the center of the stage and made their last bow. "See you again. Take care."

Set list

01. Destiny
02. Icarus
03. Paradox
04. Dream of Monkey
05. Dust Devil
06. Stranger
07. Dream Demon
08. Bud of Panic
09. Castle of Purity
10. Pleasure of Glance
11. Unchained
12. Riding the Night
13. Into the Cosmos
14. SEX
15. Destroy!
16. Fly Me To Neptune
17. Danger Game
18. You with a Good View
19. Love Dizziness and Dream


20. After Me Anything

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