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Interview with KIRITO from Angelo

19/12/2021 2021-12-19 01:00:00 JaME Author: Hydrargyrum, AMAZE, Jasy Translator: Sophie

Interview with KIRITO from Angelo

In the middle of "Angelo Tour 2021-2022 'THE END OF CIRCLE'", vocalist KIRITO of visual rock band Angelo took the time to answer a few questions.

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Visual rock band Angelo was founded in 2006 by vocalist KIRITO, bassist KOHTA and drummer TAKEO, all of whom are former members of PIERROT. In summer 2011 they were joined by guitarists Karyu (ex-DespairsRay) and Giru (ex-Vidoll).

In mid-November, Angelo embarked on their Angelo Tour 2021-2022 "THE END OF CIRCLE". With this tour, the band is supporting the release of their 13th full-length album CIRCLE. During this busy period, vocalist KIRITO kindly took the time to answer some questions from JaME regarding the new album, the band's upcoming indefinite hiatus, which will begin in January 2022, and various other topics.

Since this is your first interview with JaME, could you please introduce yourself?

KIRITO: I am Angelo’s vocalist, KIRITO.

The two types of your new album CIRCLE have different covers. The limited edition’s shows an angel, which resembles the one from your very first single Reborn. The cover of the regular type looks similar to the cover of your album CORD. Is this a coincidence, or is the resemblance intentional?

KIRITO: They are indeed related.

What is the meaning of the title CIRCLE? Do you mean that as a band you completed your life circle and reached a point where you can go further, like in the "samsara" concept?

KIRITO: It means that even if our time as a band ends, the story will continue.

When producing an album, do you discuss and decide on the theme together, or is this something that only you decide?

KIRITO: I decide on the themes.

The sound and themes of CIRCLE seem to be similar to other Angelo albums, and the lyrics also refer to other Angelo songs. Besides it being your last studio work before your hiatus, what makes this release special?

KIRITO: It means that this is just one ending.

Are there any songs on CIRCLE you are particularly proud of? What would you like fans to notice about these songs?

KIRITO: Every song is connected and forms a story.

Most of Angelo's songs are written by you and Karyu. What inspires you when it comes to songwriting? Furthermore, do you have musical idols you draw inspiration from?

KIRITO: We were touched upon by new, genreless music and that created a spark that then inspired us.

For Angelo’s previous album evolve you mentioned that all of the band members made various songs which were not included on the release because they did not match the album’s concept. Does this regularly happen? Do those songs usually stay unreleased, or do you add some of them to your future albums?

KIRITO: At that kind of time, we only select the songs we need. Since our new music is usually better than our old music, we don’t stockpile them to use in the future.

KIRITO, you once said that instead of being sad about the end of Angelo’s journey, that you hope everybody can have a smile on their face. That being said, could you share some funny memories from the past 15 years?

KIRITO: Everything we have done so earnestly in the last 15 years is precious to us.

Could you please tell us what you have learned from the other members of Angelo?

KIRITO: To face the music in front of us earnestly together.

The coronavirus pandemic has continued for almost two years now. Because of that, we have all spent a lot more time at home. Have you been doing anything new during your free time as a result?

KIRITO: Riding my bike around circuits.

Like many other artists, you were forced to shift your focus to no-audience lives. What challenges did you face while making this change? Are there any other problems you had to overcome during this period?

KIRITO: Whatever the circumstances, we won’t give up on finding a way to get our music out to people.

During the last two years, you did many live streams via ZAIKO, which were enjoyed by a lot of people both in Japan and abroad. How do you personally feel about this kind of performance?

KIRITO: I don’t feel that it was much different at all.

Since February 2021, you were able to perform in front of an in-person audience again. How did that feel? Did anything change from "before" the pandemic?

KIRITO: It wasn’t the same as usual, since there were so many strict rules, but I was so happy that we could perform in front of a live audience.

Recently, your new tour Angelo Tour 2021-2022 "THE END OF CIRCLE" started, and it will take you into the New Year. What kind of expectations do you have for this tour? Is there anything you’re especially looking forward to?

KIRITO: I think it will be a very Angelo-esque ending.

Speaking of the New Year, Angelo is going into an indefinite hiatus starting in mid-January. How do you see your future during and after this hiatus? Do you have any specific plans?

KIRITO: We will keep doing music.

Even though you used the word "hiatus", from the announcement it sounds more like an ultimate end for the band. Can fans hope to see Angelo return in the future, or will this be the final chapter?

KIRITO: I don’t know what will happen from here-on out.

Thank you very much for this interview. Please leave a message for your overseas fans.

KIRITO: Thank you for loving Angelo. We will show you amazing performances right until the very end.

JaME would like to thank KIRITO and Angelo for making this interview possible.

Below, you can watch the digest trailer for CIRCLE and the live music video for SIGHT, a new song that is featured on the album.

 Angelo - Official Website  Angelo - Official YouTube Channel

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