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Interview with ZON

07/05/2021 2021-05-07 02:00:00 JaME Author: Christine, Ruchesko Translator (EN-JP): Sophie Translator (JP-EN): Pareesa Madjd Copyeditor: Tomo

Interview with ZON

An introductory interview with the energetic visual kei band ZON.

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Formed in 2015, ZON is an energetic visual kei band signed to the label Planet CHILD Music. While their lively, emotional sound and eye-catching videos have attracted the attention of some fans from around the world, they have yet to perform outside of Japan. Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to ask the band some questions about their approach to music, their recent works, and the possibility of them venturing overseas in the future.

For any readers who are unfamiliar with your work, how would you describe ZON’s music?

Azu#: It’s emotional music with catchy melodies and high energy performances!

If you had to choose just one song to introduce a new listener to ZON, which one would you choose and why?

Azu#: GAS.


Sy/u: GAS! The bass solo in the beginning is cool!

834: Maou calling.

How did you come up with your band name, and is there any meaning behind it? Is there a reason the “O” in your logo is styled like a crosshair?

Azu#: Because I wanted to be called ZON myself. There’s no meaning behind it. The center of the “O” gives the impression of a target.

You recently released two “member-produced” singles titled Damn it and PRIDE. Did you learn anything new or experience any challenges while working on these tracks?

Azu#: Damn it was the first song where both the melody and lyrics were written by someone else so I felt different.

Mii: It was a collaboration between Azu# and I, but it was quite difficult to understand each other when writing together.

Sy/u: It was difficult to show the individual characteristics of each member.

Because the production requirements for Damn it were special, it made me feel more pressured and I felt more responsible than usual for each part when composing the song.

Did you also create the cover art for these singles? What was the inspiration behind the jacket art?

Azu#: It feels like it was produced by the two of us.

834: It’s a jacket design that simply presents the content and completion of the project.

Why did you choose the title #FFFFFF for your first full album? How does it relate to the contents of the album?

Azu#: It’s the color code for white. White is a color that can become any color, so there is a nuance like a combined assortment of songs.

The song Shiro seems to jump back and forth between a number of different sounds. What was the inspiration for this track, and what did you want to convey with its music video?

Azu#: I wanted to shoot on a white backdrop.

What inspired you to form a visual kei band (instead of a more conventional rock band)?

Azu#: Because I thought make-up was good for expressing myself.

Mii: Because we were originally visual kei. I think we can do both visual kei and rock.

Sy/u: There is nothing special about it because it’s visual kei!

834: Personally, it honestly doesn’t matter which one we are. Whether it’s rock or visual kei, what we do is basically the same.

Is any particular member of the band in charge of the visual aspects of your work? (Costumes, music videos, etc.)

ZON: All of the members work on them.

Azu# started performing with a different style of microphone in 2019. Was this an aesthetic choice, or does the new mic have advantages over the old one?

Azu#: I chose the new mic because there weren’t many people who used it and it looks cool.

In January, you appeared on the popular TV show “Ariyoshi Hanseikai” discussing your passion for mini 4WD toy cars. How did that appearance come about, and what was the experience like?

Azu#: It was my first time on TV so I was nervous.

Mii: Mini 4WD. I don’t know how it came up, but it was different from what we normally do so it was a good experience.

Sy/u: I started having an interest in mini 4WD as a member because of the pandemic! It was also my first time on TV so I was nervous too.

834: The opportunity came up when I posted to social media that because the band’s schedule had freed up due to the pandemic, I started liking mini 4WD with the members during lockdown. Primarily, I got messages and support from people who had never heard of the visual kei genre as well as users who enjoy mini 4WD. I was able to hear about it from a lot of people.

After the coronavirus pandemic has been resolved, do you have any interest in performing overseas? If so, if you could perform anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

Azu#: I’m interested in performing overseas. I’d like to try doing a performance in the desert.

Mii: I’m interested in seeing what it’s like overseas so I'd be willing to go anywhere.

Sy/u: I’m super interested in going overseas! I’d like to perform somewhere where many people can listen to ZON’s songs!

834: Of course I’m interested. To be honest, I’m not familiar with the venues or environments overseas so I’m not sure, but I’d be willing to go anywhere.

What’s next for ZON? Can fans look forward to more new music or shows this year?

Azu#: I want to go overseas.

Mii: We have a lot of plans this year and I want each one of them to surpass your expectations.

Sy/u: We will be releasing a song called Shock!! next! It’s really cool, so please look forward to it!

834: As for our music, it is constantly evolving and I want it to surprise you every time. I don’t know what our next plans are.

Please leave a message for your overseas fans.

Azu#: We are far away but I’m glad we caught your attention. I’ll continue to do my best to be able to sing world-class songs.

Mii: I would like to be able to jump over the ocean and do activities that could be better transmitted to you. Thank you.

Sy/u: I like sushi!!

834: Please watch ZON’s live performance. Regardless of what genre we are, I want to enjoy the music and space we make.

JaME would like to thank ZON and Chaotic Harmony for making this interview possible.

ZON's new single Shock!! will be released on May 12th. The full MV for the title track can be viewed below:

 ZON - Official Website  ZON - Official Twitter  ZON on Spotify  ZON on iTunes / Apple Music

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