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Interview with BALLISTIK BOYZ

29/03/2021 2021-03-29 02:00:00 JaME Author: Mirta Arizola, Christine Translator (JP-EN): Pareesa Madjd Copyeditor: Tomo

Interview with BALLISTIK BOYZ

BALLISTIK BOYZ discuss their latest single "Animal", their ever-evolving musical style and their international ambitions.

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Dance-vocal group BALLISTIK BOYZ are known for their fresh and diverse music, boundless energy and the electric chemistry between the group's seven members.

Shortly after the release of their latest single Animal, a song that brings the group back to their musical origins of rap and R&B, JaME had the opportunity for a quick interview. The members of BALLISTIK BOYZ shared some thoughts about Animal, as well as their ever-evolving style and their international ambitions. Find out what they told us below!

What did you want to convey with the choreography for Animal? Was there a particular theme or feeling you had in mind?

Miku Fukahori: In order to be seen as more mature, we discarded our concept from before and made the choreography delicate and stylish!

Rikiya Okuda: We made the choreography intricately detailed so that it can stand out even during a medium tempo!

Masahiro Sunada: We made choreography that is rather difficult to show off BALLISTIK BOYZ’s dance skills!

Your popularity has expanded worldwide, especially with this new single. We heard that fans are helping to promote Animal in several countries, especially in Asia. Do you have anything you would like to say to the fans supporting you worldwide?

Ryuta Hidaka: Thank you so much, everyone. Since we first began this group, we have been aiming to expand our reach worldwide, so having our music go beyond Japan to countries overseas and be heard by everyone makes me incredibly happy. And if all the fans from each country would keep promoting us, I would be even happier. I hope that we can continue to release songs for a worldwide audience. Thank you for your continued support.

Ryusei Kainuma: This single is our best work yet. Once again, this song is becoming a symbol of BALLISTIK BOYZ, so I hope you will listen and share it with others!

For any new fans who discover the group though Animal, which other BALLISTIK BOYZ songs would you recommend for them to listen to and why?

Yoshiyuki Kanou: Strangers. It’s a sad ballad with a different kind of charm than Animal.

Riki Matsui: Most Wanted. The lyrics scream “This is BALLISTIK BOYZ”.

Your music has evolved with time. Would you like to experiment with any new genres or styles you haven’t tried yet? If so, which ones?

Ryuta Hidaka: Personally, I’d like to try a genre that mixes hip-hop and rock!

Riki Matsui: Rock.

If you could do a collaboration with any other musical artist (regardless of genre or language) as a group, who would you want to collaborate with and why?

Miku Fukahori: I’d like to release a song with Travis Scott!

Masahiro Sunada: Ty Dolla Sign, Machine Gun Kelly, and Bruno Mars.

You have come a long way since you debuted. With the experience you have now, what would you tell someone that admires you and wants to follow your footsteps in the industry? Is there anything you would recommend?

Yoshiyuki Kanou: Ever since I had the dream of becoming a performer, I was able to achieve my dream by not just my strength alone, but with help from other people! Please take good care of those people who are supporting you! I think the more you’ve got in your arsenal, the better, so if you try to do extra for who you want to become, you’ll get closer to having your dream come true!

Ryusei Kainuma: I’ve had moments where I realize that I am now standing in the place that I had dreamed of, but it’s a very difficult world to be in. Both good and bad things must all be changed into positive features and mistakes are not tolerated in this world, which makes it really hard. But if you succeed, you’ll experience so many new can be very rewarding!

The CD+DVD version of Animal includes your performance from the a-nation festival, which was the first stage you performed the single SUMMER HYPE on. How did you feel during that performance?

Ryuta Hidaka: Last summer, we released SUMMER HYPE and there was a pretty good response due to the influence of social media and TikTok. I think the fans were eagerly awaiting the SUMMER HYPE performance, so we gave it our all while having fun during our first performance!

Riki Matsui: Since it was the stage where SUMMER HYPE was going to be introduced for the first time, we were super nervous. But a-nation was also a place we had longed to perform at, so we were able to perform while enjoying it from the bottom of our hearts!

What is your favourite BALLISTIK BOYZ song to perform live? Is there any particular track that you feel really highlights your strengths?

Yoshiyuki Kanou: Life Is Party is a song I’d like to perform live soon. Personally, I love listening to it!

Rikiya Okuda: We are able to become one with our audience during the hook of Most Wanted.

The DVD also includes the MV for Animal. The colour palette for the MV is very stylish, and it seems quite calm compared to the lyrics of the song. Is there a reason for the overall feel of the video?

Miku Fukahori: The melody and theme are both mature, so I think the calmness makes that apparent!

Masahiro Sunada: The song is an adult song about women so I think that resulted in an MV with a calm feeling to it!

BALLISTIK BOYZ is also well known for the members’ fashion sense, as you combine a wide range of styles and colours. In your opinion, who has the best fashion sense in the group and who needs help?

Yoshiyuki Kanou: We each have our own style, but I think Riki gives off the impression of being knowledgeable about clothes. Since we all have established styles that suit us, I’d like to see everyone try styles that are different from what we usually wear!

Ryusei Kainuma: Rikiya and Riki have the best fashion sense! Basically, I think we are all stylish and have our own styles, but those two are especially focused on fashion.

How would you describe your individual style? What type of clothes do you usually like to wear the most?

Ryuta Hidaka: I try to keep up with trends while keeping my own personality. I coordinate my outfits by thinking about styling trends to suit the way I dress without getting overwhelmed by what is trendy.

Riki Matsui: Classic and new mixed style.

You’ve performed overseas quite a few times in the past. While the coronavirus crisis has made it difficult to plan performances around the world, after the situation is resolved, is there any particular country you would like to perform in?

Ryusei Kainuma: Firstly, America! Personally, I’m Brazilian, so I would like to perform in Brazil, too.

Rikiya Okuda: I would like to go to the Southeast Asian countries that I’ve visited before!

Are there any moments that stand out when you look back on your experiences touring overseas? Did you learn anything new as a performer?

Miku Fukahori: Compared to Japanese fans, the parts that they got excited for were different and they gave the impression that they enjoy our music in itself more.

Masahiro Sunada: I consciously used each country’s language as much as possible during the MCs! It was fun, so I’d like to go overseas again!

To wrap up the interview, as this past year has been really hard for everyone worldwide, can you please send our readers a message of encouragement for the future ahead?

Ryuta Hidaka: 2020 really was a year where what once was considered as normal was no longer normal. I think it was a year in which everyone all over the world had bitter and sad experiences. However, I’m sure that thanks to that year, we have been able to realize, learn, and experience many things, too! We should not forget all that we learned and experienced in that one year. Let’s use it to our advantage this year and continue to do our best together!! We will continue to work hard to bring you lots of courage, energy, and emotions, so I hope you will all look forward to our music and performances!!

Rikiya Okuda: Many things haven’t been going well since the world has been changing a lot, but I’m doing my best every day while believing that a far greater happiness is surely awaiting me! So, in order to have a brighter future, I will endure what I can now and hope that we can make memories together when we are able to meet again!

JaME would like to thank BALLISTIK BOYZ for making this interview possible.

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