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Ena Fujita - DEAD STROKE

22/09/2020 2020-09-22 02:00:00 JaME Author: ZyXyS

Ena Fujita - DEAD STROKE

Get ready for the next battle!

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Last year, Ena Fujita released her interesting full-length album Iromono, completing her transformation from a cheerful idol to a rock musician. Speaking of which, in an interview with JaME last year, she mentioned how she wanted to continue moving in that direction. It's a great decision because the darker image and heavier sound suit the singer really well. However, she still needed to walk the talk, and with her single DEAD STROKE, released back on June 10th, Fujita more than lived up to it.

The title track is the most interesting one among the two on the release. It is nice to hear that the sound on the new work is a lot clearer and doesn't suffer from the rough edges last year's album had. Ena’s new music style is easily recognisable here: a punchy rock track that's always pushing forward, driven by catchy vocals and great dynamics.

The song goes full throttle right from the start and doesn’t slow down until the very end, so it comes as no surprise that Dead Stroke became the ending theme for the new season of anime series “BAKI”. GA-KO Tabuchi - Ena’s guitarist, as well as the composer of this particular track - took another small step towards the more aggressive sound. This was enough to surpass the most catchy songs on Iromono, such as Cho DIE, Kyoukaisen and Tsuki ga Tabeteshimatta.

Since Ena is not only a musician but a gravure idol as well, she doesn't hesitate to show off her other 'talents' in her MVs. The funny DEAD STROKE video is no exception!

The B-side Bathroom Jet Candy doesn’t have such a blustering nature. Actually, it goes in the opposite direction. In this rhythmic song, listeners will find a great bassline and cozy atmosphere, which will help them rest after a difficult battle. The track is easy to listen to, but it definitely can’t compete with the impact of the main act.

DEAD STROKE is a small but interesting release. First of all, it shows that with GA-KO Tabuchi’s support, Ena Fujita continues to evolve as a rock musician. She is making so much progress that the title track could be called one of her strongest songs since she changed her musical style.

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