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MAKE MY DAY - Mind Haven

19/09/2020 2020-09-19 02:00:00 JaME Author: Verity-Belle

MAKE MY DAY - Mind Haven

Heavy duty metalcore spliced with poetic undertones.

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Mind Haven


On January 29th, MAKE MY DAY released their second full album Mind Haven. With 10 tracks, and awesome features including Broken By The Scream, there’s lots to break down in this album. Let’s dive on in!

The album opens with the title track Mind Haven. From the outset, it’s clear that this release is going to be heavy. MAKE MY DAY are no stranger to that hard rock sound, and the vibes in the first track are nothing short of amplified metalcore. Be sure to check out the MV below:

Fragment is up next. The night-like symbolism in the lyrics adds complex meaning, giving this song another layer. The chorus takes it into a whole different direction, with the clean vocals cutting through the darkness. Fragment is sure to be a crowd pleaser with a chorus like this.

A track that deserves special recognition is Money. Featuring Flare Boy from Malissa, it’s the perfect blend of metalcore and rap. The trap energy in Money combined with the headbanging chorus is faultless. The MV is intoxicatingly good and it’s definitely worth watching.

In contrast to the previous song, I Hate Everything is easily the heaviest anthem on the album. It has everything from angsty lyrics to breakdowns, and the electronic chunks wedged in between it all make it impossible to skip.

Reborn is immediately after, and there’s something about the lyrics that is actually quite empowering. Focusing on raising your voice and finding strength, it could be relatable to a lot of fans. The simplistic MV totally complements the tone of the song and emphasises the significant lyrics.

There are two versions of the next track. The album version of For Freedom is a digital-sounding tune, and the type of song that you can’t help but dance to. The lyrics talk about letting everything go and encourage fans to just “Shake it off and dance”. That feeling of freedom and shedding all your problems at a gig is familiar to so many and MAKE MY DAY have completely captured those emotions. The acoustic version from their digital EP Naked showcases the words, giving For Freedom a more heartfelt sound.

Watch the MV for the acoustic version of For Freedom:

Like A Dead focuses on self-esteem, while Searching For The Fate encourages you to rise up and stand your ground. The poetic lyrics give fans more than just your average metalcore sound and create something deeper and more intricate.

The tenth and final track is Wake Up, featuring Io and Kagura from Broken By The Scream. The addition of Io and Kagura's vocals takes the album to a new level and makes it the ideal track to close on.

Overall, Mind Haven is a super solid album. The band's combination of clean and aggressive vocals results in a stellar sound. There is more to focus on too. The lyrics throughout the album are so expressive, taking them from average to world class. This is what elevates the release and proves MAKE MY DAY are a band to watch.

Mind Haven is available for download and streaming via Spotify, iTunes / Apple Music, and many other digital platforms.
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