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SHACHI - alone

16/02/2020 2020-02-16 01:00:00 JaME Author: ZyXyS

SHACHI - alone


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It can be miraculous how just one music video found within the boundlessness of the Internet can lead to an interesting release. In today’s case, the video was for the song called Tokyo by a soft and museful hip-hop artist named SHACHI. Be careful not to confuse her with the punk-rock band of the same name. Although this soloist only started her career a short time ago, she's already signed with Universal Music Japan and created a charming release. Titled alone, it came out at the beginning of September, the season traditionally full of new releases. However, it managed to not get lost in this musical frenzy. The digital EP has an alluring power that's sure to make listeners want come back to it almost every evening.

Why evenings in particular? Well, this release is better suited to a calm setting, when one relaxes after the chaos of everyday life. When you finally get time, alone will gladly embrace you. SHACHI’s soft and soothing voice, accentuated with some effects and paired with calming electronics and synths, creates a wonderful atmosphere. Moreover, every track gives the EP something unique. All you have to do is drift from one song to another, going further and further away from reality.

What is even more interesting is that during Getting Lucky, the first full track after a short intro, the EP doesn’t try to show what it is capable of. This is an entry point, where you get acquainted with SHACHI’s performing style. Then, the aforementioned Tokyo begins... Dreamy and a little sleepy but highly addictive, it rolls out with melancholy waves, forcing you to vanish into your own thoughts. Moreover, it creates a feeling that you are going somewhere far away from home while landscapes, blurred by rain, fly by beyond the window.

Every subsequent song increases the impression of the previous one, changes the emotional colour of the release, and minute after minute, draws you deeper into the inner world of the singer. Despite the fact that SHACHI calls herself a rap-singer, she uses clean vocals as much as rapping. The tracks only benefit from this and become more interesting and varied: especially One Day and Falling Down, where charmingly sensual choruses give way to slow rapping.

At the end of the EP,  the catharsis comes in the form of My Feelings. Every song is good in its own way, but the effect of this particular track will be even greater if you listen to it as the final act. It frees you from the emotional baggage amassed throughout the whole EP and adds more electronic elements. Here they sound almost aggressive against the overall dreamier backdrop of alone, and will help to shake off the illusions of the release to finally break free.

However, not for long. alone will be waiting for you the next evening, offering the same experience once more. The atmosphere of the release may seem melancholic, but there is no sadness or loneliness here. Only deliberateness, warmth and tenderness. Even if you prefer more aggressive music, give SHACHI’s work a chance. It can be surprisingly refreshing and help you to forget about the fuss of everyday life for a little while.


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