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Interview with Initial'L

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Interview with Initial'L

Learn all about rock band Initial'L and their concept of "FUTURE ROCK" before their US debut at Katsucon 2020.

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Formed by ex-members of the visual kei band Lycaon in 2016, rock band Initial'L attracted attention from overseas fans almost immediately. Following the announcement of their US debut at Katsucon 2020, a convention that will be taking place in National Harbor, Maryland from February 14th to 16th next year, JaME was able to catch up with the band for a quick interview about their concept, their latest releases and their expectations for the show.

How did your band name "Initial'L" come about?

Ichiro: We took the “L” from the band the members had originally been in, "Lycaon”, and settled on “Initial'L”.

Please elaborate on your concept of "FUTURE ROCK". Is there a particular kind of sound or image you want portray?

Satoshi: We followed our own ideals and dreams, and we are continuing to evolve in a new way.
That in itself is not easy to do, and it’s something that requires a lot of bravery. Anyone and everyone is afraid of change, but we want people to see our activities in which we are continuing to challenge different things, and we want everyone to also do the same.

We are fighting alongside with the two-kanji word ‘challenge’ (chousen) and what comes after that, the ‘future’ (mirai).

We want to release a new type of rock into the world.

Since "FUTURE ROCK means the spirit of challenging", please tell us what you want to challenge as a band.

ZERO: We want to have a new challenge at the American concert this time around too!

Satoshi, you're mostly seen wearing a top hat. What's this significance behind this fashion choice?

Satoshi: OK!! Baby!! !! It’s because I love SLASH!!!

What was the inspiration behind the lyrics of Tokyo Horizon?

Yu-ki: “Tokyo” is a city that has many hopes and dreams existing within it, but also at the same time, it is plagued with despair.

In a concrete jungle like Tokyo, there is no way you can see the horizon. We want to see the same scenery that only people who have been able to overcome that inability to see the horizon, and that have actually been able to see it, have seen.

It’s a song that we want all those people who are holding dreams to hear.

What can you tell us about the lady in the music video for “Tokyo Horizon”? What does she symbolise?

Hiyuu: The first figure and the last figure are actually different. It’s "Tokyo" - a city of two faces, hope and despair, becoming one. It holds the message that, after overcoming that adversity, people can change through the ideals they paint for themselves.

What are some of the highlights of BRILLANT SKY?

Ichiro: I think we were able to make it very fresh and stylish.

What are your thoughts on performing at Katsucon 2020?

ZERO: I’m really happy that it was decided that we were to play a concert in the America that I admire so much.

What kind of impression do you have of your American fans?

Hiyuu: I have this image that there’s a lot of heat in their concerts, and that they freely enjoy the music however they wish.

Please leave a message for JaME’s readers.

Yu-ki: Come and see Initial'L with feeling!!! We will come to America with feeling!!!

JaME would like to thank Chaotic Harmony and Initial'L for making this interview possible.

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