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Interview with ANGERME

28/08/2019 2019-08-28 14:00:00 JaME Author: Noémie, Silverfaye Translator: Tomo, Dru

Interview with ANGERME

Idol group ANGERME talks about their past, present and future, as well as their expectations about the Mexican public.

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Before their first presentation in Mexico on September 7th, the idol group ANGERME took some time to talk with JaME about their past, present and future, as well as their expectations of the Mexican public prior to their debut in the country.

Nice to meet you, ANGERME! Could you please introduce yourselves?

Sasaki Rikako: I'm Sasaki Rikako. I'm from Miyagi.

Ise Reira: I'm Ise Reira from ANGERME. I’m from Hokkaido!

Hashisako Rin: I'm Hashisako Rin. I'm 13 years old and in my second year of middle school.

Kamikokuryo Moe: I'm Kamikokuryo Moe. I look very young like a high school student, but I'm 19 years old, almost 20! Sukiyaki is my favorite Japanese food! I also love cats!

Murota Mizuki: I'm Murota Mizuki from ANGERME!

Ota Haruka: I'm Ota Haruka, 7th generation member of ANGERME. I'm 15 years old. My favorite foods are cucumber and chikuwa (fish cake).

Takeuchi Akari: I'm Takeuchi Akari, the leader of ANGERME. My member color is blue.

Katsuta Rina: I'm Katsuta Rina. I’m 21 years old. I love fashion and I graduated from fashion college this year. I'll graduate from ANGERME on September 25th. I'll enter the fashion industry with experience from ANGERME.

Kawamura Ayano: I'm Kawamura Ayano, a sub-leader of ANGERME. I'm 20 years old.

Funaki Musubu: I'm Funaki Musubu from Osaka.

Kasahara Momona: Hi, My name is Kasahara Momona, and I’m 15 years old. Nice to meet you!

Since your latest album is titled Rinne Tensei~ANGERME Past, Present & Future~, please describe the ANGERME of the past, present and future.  

Sasaki Rikako: We have evolved from the past and will continue evolving for the future.

Ise Reira: ANGERME has seen many members join and graduate. An example of this is S/mileage evolving to ANGERME. ANGERME will continue to evolve for the future, so there are two ways of thinking about our future.

Kamikokuryo Moe: Wada Ayaka has been a strong leader for the group since the beginning. But now, we’ll all show our individuality to make an even more cohesive group. We don’t know what the future will be like, but we’ll try our best to pull together and make things even better in the future!

Murota Mizuki: I can’t imagine how the future will turn out for ANGERME. I believe ANGERME is full of individuality!

Ota Haruka: ANGERME has evolved from S/mileage to ANGERME. Every time we evolved, our bonds strengthened. I don’t know what the future will bring, but I’d love to stand on a bigger stage!

Takeuchi Akari: When ANGERME was S/mileage, we were cute. Now we’ll show everyone ANGERME’s cool image!

Katsuta Rina: ANGERME has focused on two different elements: freedom (the natural postures of the members) and coolness. I think we succeed in these elements. Our “second chapter”, so to speak, is getting younger members ... maybe the average age will go down? I’m looking forward to seeing how the “cool” factor will evolve. I’ll keep supporting ANGERME.

Kawamura Ayano: In the past, ANGERME changed from S/mileage to its present form. As a group with lots of member graduations and introductions, we’ll keep powering up whether we’re changing or not.

Funaki Musubu: ANGERME has been evolving with new members and graduations to show everyone the best performance. We feel like we’re evolving every day.

Kasahara Momona: The big difference between the past and future is that we had Wada Ayaka as the leader of the group for almost 10 years, while we now have Takeuchi leading ANGERME as the new leader from the present to the future. That’s a big turning point of the past and the future. We’ll honor the legacy, and we want to make a great future for ANGERME so that we can deliver completely different kinds of excitement to you.

Takeuchi Akari, as the new leader of ANGERME, what sort of mood or energy would you like to inject into the group?

Takeuchi Akari: I’m the leader now, but I’d like to see all the individual members have their own responsibilities and shine themselves. And I’ll give my support so we can achieve it. That’s my goal.

Hashisako Rin, what were the highlights of your first few days as an ANGERME member?

Hashisako Rin: It was more like a field trip, but I went to ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL with the members of ANGERME.

What are your favorite parts of Taiki Bansei (A Late Bloomer) and 46 Okunen LOVE (46 Billion Years LOVE)?

Sasaki Rikako, Kamikokuryo Moe: “Never confused by anything, never following any particular era” from Taiki Bansei and “Maybe it’s Love After All” from 46 Okunen LOVE.

Ise Reira: For Taiki Bansei: The choreography at the beginning of the song depicts us grabbing something. It looks cool and strong. I love that. For 46 Okunen LOVE: We spread apart and move individually for the last chorus. It’s really “ANGERME”, and shows that everybody loves each other.

Hashisako Rin: In Taiki Bansei, Murota’s part, “never following any particular era”. For 46 Okunen LOVE, it’s “LAST!”

Murota Mizuki: For 46 Okunen LOVE: I love the lyrics. It gets to me, “If you’re not fighting for the future, there’s no reason for someone to take a stand.”

Ota Haruka: For Taiki Bansei, I love the part “I need to prove myself to get a chance”. The lyrics mean I need to try harder. For 46 Okunen LOVE, “Maybe it’s Love After All”. It’s great to sing “No matter what they say, it’s still love after all”. It helps me realize that love is great.

Takeuchi Akari: Taiki Bansei’s “never following any particular generation”. This line expresses ANGERME’s future—never hesitating, never giving in, knowing that we’re the best! We always go on to the stage in complete agreement. I love this part of the lyrics! For 46 Okunen LOVE: “Maybe it’s Love After All” I think nothing can be done without love. Everybody can support each other with love and overcome anything. It’s love, after all!

Katsuta Rina: I like the part in the chorus that repeats the title “Taiki Bansei” many times. They are the same words, but it gets more exciting towards the end, and we feel like one when we perform. The chorus of 46 Okunen LOVE. This is an up tempo and fun song. I love the chorus part.

Kawamura Ayano: The lyrics “I'll seize the chance no matter what and prove myself now” from Taiki Bansei. The lyrics “Maybe it’s Love After All” from 46 Okunen LOVE.

Funaki Musubu: From 46 Okunen LOVE: The part “I live a decent life today even if I’m not who I dreamt to be”. When I sing “now!” at the end, I feel so cool.

Kasahara Momona: My favorite part of 46 Okunen LOVE is the part of its lyrics that says “I live a decent life today even if I’m not who I dreamt to be”. Even if I’m not satisfied with my current situation, I may be able to find a different kind of happiness by changing my perspective, and may one day be able to find a different dream by leading a decent life. The lyrics make me think in that way. Also, my favorite part of Taiki Bansei is the part of the lyrics that says “I'll seize the chance no matter what and prove myself now”. The lyrics inspire me to be always pursue my ambition and dream to let ANGERME shine and prove it to more people. The lyrics motivate me to never give up and seize every chance.

If you could choreograph a dance or write the lyrics of a song, what kind of dance would you choreograph or what kind of lyrics would you write?

Sasaki Rikako: I love songs that are full of happiness, and I love songs without happy endings as well. For dancing, a feminine, K-pop feel is nice. Different genre from Hello! Project.

Ise Reira: I learned classical ballet. I love to create smooth and supple dances. The choreography would include ballet moves, just like how they are in Namida Iro no no Ketsui (Tear-Colored Decision).

Kamikokuryo Moe: I’d love to write positive lyrics that make people feel good, and make choreography that’s easy for everybody to dance.

Murota Mizuki: I’d like to make fun melodies with melancholy lyrics! And I’d like to bring the element of dance to everybody listening!

Ota Haruka: I’d like to write lyrics like “It’s not just you … friends” and would love choreograph a dance for this song.

Takeuchi Akari: I’d love to have dances that are feminine, but still powerful! If it’s a song, I’d like to make a song full of happiness that everybody in the world can enjoy!

Katsuta Rina: I like choreography with a feminine touch. As an example, something like Akai Earphone (Red Earphone), Nakenaize ... Kyoukan Sagi (I Can't Cry… The Fraud of Empathy) or Manner Mode. For lyrics, I’d like to write lyrics with strength, a song that makes people feel powerful and happy.

Kawamura Ayano: I’d like to write self-introduction songs, songs to fit individuals and express each member’s individuality!

Funaki Musubu: ANGERME has many members. The choreographies are very dynamic because of the many members. And I’d love to choreograph more feminine dances as well.

Kasahara Momona: It’s very difficult, but when the time comes for me to graduate from ANGERME one day, I’d like to communicate the greatness of love and the happiness of being able to share it with many people in a big space, which I learnt through ANGERME, through my song. That’s to say, I want to write lyrics about my gratitude and love to you!

What do you expect from your debut performance in Mexico on September 7th? 

Sasaki Rikako: I’d love to communicate with Mexican fans and the fans always support us. I’ll try to study the language. I love to send my love.

Ise Reira: The excitement of the fans! When I watched the DVD of ANGERME in France; I saw fans from overseas welcomed the group and I believe that the Mexican fans will also welcome us and enjoy our show!

Kamikokuryo Moe: At our concerts in Japan, we feel like we need to try even harder than our fans to be excited, so we want to have an even more energetic performance in Mexico! And I’d love to sing along with the fans as well!

Murota Mizuki: The most important thing is for everybody who comes to see our show to enjoy it! I’d like to enjoy it with everybody!

Ota Haruka: I’d like to see how to get excited with Mexican people. It’ll be very hot!

Takeuchi Akari: I’d like to see how Mexican fans enjoy our concert! Every country has different reactions. I look forward to see how Mexicans react to our show!

Katsuta Rina: I still can’t believe there are fans in Mexico. I’d love for them to enjoy our show and learn how fun ANGERME is through our performance!

Kawamura Ayano: I expect to hear lots of cheering! And I’d like to hear “A-YA-NO!” calls from everybody!

Funaki Musubu: I look forward to hearing your screams! My image of Mexico is passion! I want to receive your passion!

Kasahara Momona: I look forward to seeing many people who will meet us for the very first time! That’s what excites me the most. We visited France, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan last year. I’m excited to be able to meet those we couldn’t meet last year. We’d be grateful if you come with expectations as high as ours if this is your first time seeing us.

What’s the coolest or most surprising thing you’ve heard about Mexico so far?

Sasaki Rikako: The colorful scenery of the city! Like I saw in a movie, and wanted to go there! I was surprised when I heard that for the first time!

Ise Reira: I’m surprised by Mexico’s Las Coloradas, the Pink Sea. I’d love to see it!

Kamikokuryo Moe: I’m surprised to hear that people eat cactus in Mexico! I never had cactus in Japan. I’d like to try it there!

Murota Mizuki: The Pink Sea. I’d love to go, seriously!

Ota Haruka: I heard the avocados are huge! I’d like to see a real one.

Takeuchi Akari: I’m surprised that Mexico is higher above sea level than Japan. Also, I heard the size of avocados is huge. I’d like to see real ones (laughs).

Katsuta Rina: The colorful scenery of the city and the Pink Sea. We don’t have that kind of places in Japan. I get excited just thinking about it.

Kawamura Ayano: The size of avocados. Huge!

Funaki Musubu: When we did the Live Q&A, I heard churros are very famous in Mexico. I love churros. I’d love to eat one there!

Kasahara Momona: I’m very surprised to hear that I can see the Pink Sea! It’d be a very moving experience if I could actually see such a place. I’m looking forward to visiting such a beautiful country.

In your Live Q&A sessions, you likened each ANGERME member to an animal. Now, please think about your Mexican fans. What kind of animal do you think they’re like? Why did you choose that animal?

Sasaki Rikako: Kangaroo!

Ise Reira: Maybe a rabbit? It looks sort of like, “hop hop”!

Kamikokuryo Moe: Chimpanzee! I heard Mexican people are fun and friendly. I thought chimpanzees are very friendly and fun!

Murota Mizuki: Chameleon! They seem colorful and green.

Ota Haruka: Lion! I think the people are hot.

Takeuchi Akari: Fighting bull. My image of Mexico is a fighting bull. I heard Mexican fans are very hot from other Hello! Project members. I thought a fighting bull fits!

Katsuta Rina: That’s hard. An eagle? It sounds cool, I guess? (laughs)

Kawamura Ayano: Lion. The lion has an image of the red, hot sun, just like Mexico!

Funaki Musubu: My image of Mexico is that it’s a very strong, passionate place. So, a cougar, tiger, or lion?

Kasahara Momona: That ‘s a difficult question! (laughs) But, my image of Mexico is passionate, lively, and energetic. And I think Mexican people love music. So, I think it’s the parakeet!

Where would you like to go next?

Sasaki Rikako: Singapore.

Ise Reira: Right now I’d love to go to Mexico, but I’m also interested in going to France.

Kamikokuryo Moe: The USA and Brazil. I’ve admired America since I was a little. Brazil is on the other side of the world from Japan. I’d like to go there!

Murota Mizuki: I’d love to go to many countries!

Ota Haruka: I’d love to go to France. I’ve never been there, but other members have. I want to go there and perform there! Also, l want to see their architecture and museums.

Takeuchi Akari: The USA! I’d like to go to New York and Los Angeles once!

Katsuta Rina: New York, Los Angeles, Italy, England and France again!

Kawamura Ayano: India and Thailand! I’d like to sing Koi wa Accha Accha (Love is Accha Accha) in India!

Funaki Musubu: I’d love to go to an American city, just like in an American movie! And I’d like to eat lots of junk food (laughs)!

Kasahara Momona: I’d like to go to more countries in Europe other than France. As for Asia, we’d like to visit the countries where a lot of people are waiting for us, such as Thailand and China. Personally I love Greece a lot so one day I’d like to go there. We’d like to become the group that’s loved by more so that we can visit our fans worldwide.

Katsuta Rina, what’s the memory that you wish to cherish forever after your graduation live on September 25th at Pacifico Yokohama?

Katsuta Rina: My remaining time with ANGERME is precious to me. It’s been very natural to see each other at work and go out shopping even on our days off. Things will be very different without that. But I don’t regret my decision to graduate, because I’ve found my dream. And my dream will come true in the future.

To conclude this interview, what would you like to say to your overseas fans?

Sasaki Rikako: I’d love to give them my thanks. And my love! I definitely think this can be our strength. I saw many people who sing and dance to our songs. I’m very happy to see that, and they gave us more energy. Thank you very much. Please keep supporting ANGERME!

Ise Reira: I’ve never performed overseas before. This is the first time I’m seeing everybody there. I’ll try to give my best performance there!

Hashisako Rin: Nice to meet you, I’m Hashisako Rin. I’d be happy if you remember my face.

Kamikokuryo Moe: I’m so happy to be able to do even a little bit of performing overseas. I’m happy to hear that there are many fans from other countries who support ANGERME! We’ll try our best to make that group even bigger!

Murota Mizuki: Please wait for us! Let’s all have fun together!

Ota Haruka: I’m going to perform in Mexico on September 7th! ANGERME has many great songs. Please come if you’re interested. And let’s enjoy the live show together!

Takeuchi Akari: Many ANGERME members adore foreign countries. I’m very happy to do shows overseas, including in Mexico! I’m looking forward to seeing everybody in Mexico on September 7th! We’d love to keep touring overseas!

Katsuta Rina: Thank you for loving us even though we can’t go to see everybody everywhere! We’re very happy to know so many people support us from everywhere in the world. You give us power. I’m looking forward to seeing everybody someday. After graduating from ANGERME, I hope I can get a job that lets me go back overseas. It may take time, but please support me! I’m still here to enjoy Mexico!

Kawamura Ayano: Thank you for your support! Your support always gives us power. I’m looking forward to seeing you.

Funaki Musubu: When we toured overseas last year, many fans said “We’ve been waiting!” I was so happy to hear that! I’m looking forward to visiting many countries and looking forward to our Mexican concert!

Kasahara Momona: Thank you very much for always supporting us. We’ve not been able to meet with our overseas fans as many times as we want to, but please wait for us. One day for sure we’ll meet our fans in all parts of the world! My dream is to share happiness with the fans of various nationalities in our live shows! We love you so much. We’d be grateful if you could continue to support ANGERME. We’ll do the very best we can!

JaME would like to thank ANGERME and Lynks International Corporation for this interview opportunity.

Watch ANGERME's video message about their upcoming show in Mexico:

ANGERME will perform for the first time in Mexico on September 7th at SALA Puebla (Puebla #186 Col. Roma Norte, Mexico City) at 7:00pm. Tickets are now on sale through Ticketmaster, and at the venue ticket offices without service fees.

On July 23rd and 25th, JaME participated in ANGERME's Live Q&A sessions that were streamed on YouTube. The girls answered five of our questions. Check out their answers in the video below:

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