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MIMIZUQ celebrated their first year anniversary and revealed their promising second year.



MIMIZUQ had their first anniversary live on June 22nd at Tokyo’s Mt. RAINIER HALL SHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASURE.  The sounds of rain and thunder resonated in the venue after the blackout.  However, the fantastic atmosphere was soon replaced by excitement when MIMIZUQ finally appeared after the stage curtain was unveiled.

The fans cheered when they saw the band member's new stage outfits for the first time.  “Welcome to our first anniversary show. Please enjoy it until the end!” TAMA welcomed the fans.  The band played their new song Kaze no harmony and with the song’s uplifting melody, TAMA drew the fans into MIMIZUQ’s world with his transparent high-toned voice.  On the second song NEW HOPE, a "clown" AYA with a tambourine had the fans dance to his cute choreography. Throughout the song AYA entertained the fans by playing an edgy guitar solo and making a dog balloon.

The fairy tale like show continued to Secret Parade. seek, AYA, and Kusunose “poco” Takuya cheerfully danced around with their props of musical instruments while TAMA sung with a book in his hand. However, this band of accomplished musicians also revealed their polished musicianship in Natsunoyuudachi suishin 300 meter. With seek on the electric upright bass, the band played the bittersweet melody. The song’s nostalgia was enhanced as TAMA sang under the summer twilight-like orange stage lights. The following Piggyback lyrically expressed the depth and youthfulness coexisting in the band’s soundscape.

After the song, AYA spoke about the band’s new concept featuring a book and a tale of forests. The flipping sounds of pages and the narration of a boy’s voice guided the fans into mysterious forests. Soon after, the relentless guitar riffs and drum beats of Shizumu morini furu itsukushimi no ame started to play. During the song, TAMA’s powerful voice vividly expressed the cycle of life. “What do tears consist of?” the boy’s narration made a succession to the new song Namida no seibun. While the song’s mellow melody was being played, AYA showed the letters written on the papers displayed on the board stand, such as “pain”, “dream”, “time”, “courage”, “you”, and “romance”.

During the later part of the show, the band revealed another new song, Hashire! Hashire! Hashire!. The aggressive sound and seek’s vocal interlude had the fans jumping around. Next, the band played a dance rock song, Tokyo INVADERZ. AYA took the band logo towel and had the fans dance to his choreography and support guitarist SIN impressed everyone with his sharp guitar sounds. The show continued to an exhilarating Kurayami de hikaru, and dazzling Zigzagza. Finally, the heart warming melody and vocal of Grand Guignol closed the show.

During the encore, MIMIZUQ announced their tour in October, titled Namida no Mori no Ki no shitade, featuring defspiral and LIPHLICH as the guest bands. Also, MIMIZUQ will have a one-man live tour during December titled as MIMIZUQ to Himitsu no Ehon. Moreover, the band’s new single song Rain drop Tear drop will become available both in live venues and on-line stores on October 5th. The tour schedule is available on the band's official site.

“We had many hard and happy times since we started MIMIZUQ. We are here because of your support and we would like to play another new song with thankfulness,” TAMA said. The band then introduced the fans to CHILD ROOM. The song with contagious positivity naturally put smiles on the fans’ faces. “Thank you so much for the first year anniversary!” TAMA shouted to the fans. Then, the celebration continued with PINKY PUNKY PARTY!! AYA actually went down to the floor and waved the band logo flag in the middle of the fans during the song.

The band closed the show with their first single, Zutto suki deshita. After this last song, the band members took a final bow and left the fans’ in anticipation for the band’s exciting future.

Set List

01. Kaze no harmony
03. [syrup]
04. Secret Parade
05. angel song
07. Natsuno yuudachi, suishin 300 meter
08. Piggyback
09. Shizumu morini furu itsukushimi no ame
10. Namida no seibun
11. Rain drop Tear drop
12. Hashire! Hashire! Hashire!
13. Tokyo INVADERZ
14. Kurayami de hikaru
15. Zigzagza
16. Grand Guignol

19. Zutto suki deshita



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