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ariel makes gloomy - fluorite

23/06/2019 2019-06-23 06:00:00 JaME 405 views Author: ZyXyS Copyeditor: Silverfaye

The space odyssey continues.

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ariel makes gloomy

The first two EPs by ariel makes gloomy offered an exciting trip to outer space. It was space made of various music genres, charming and a bit cold. After such a journey one would want to go on a new adventure as soon as possible. However, the long awaited invitation arrived only in a year. Indeed, much time had passed, but as soon as you start listening to the third EP, titled fluorite, it doesn’t matter anymore. The release teleports you much closer to the stars.

The opening flashback serves as the first beacon in this adventure, greeting you with ariel makes gloomy’s familiar powerful bass line. In its first half, the track is leisurely, but persistently aiming forward. It pushes through a viscous atmosphere, created by keyboard effects and Ishitami’s slightly disengaged voice. However, the second half of the track is more dynamic, more rhythmic, even adding a dancing mood to the mix. The tempo gained allows the band to switch to the second track, floundering, without any problems. Here you’ll find more pop vibes, but the music doesn’t forfeit amg’s catchy "space" sound of the instrumental parts.

The next track, defloration, slows the pace of the release with a sudden soft keyboard opening that makes you feel like you’re flying next to a warm star. Together with the vocals, which sound more emotional and touching than usual, the track leaves the sense of featheriness somewhere deep inside. The final imprevious strengthens this feeling and becomes a canvas woven of a bunch of disjointed—at first listen—sounds. They transform the track into an abstract composition, which exists between a dream and reality. This song draws really unusual pictures in your imagination, especially when you're listening to it late at night without any distractions.

In their third EP, ariel makes gloomy continue to explore space in their unique manner. The two previous releases could easily cut you off of reality and take you far, far away. fluorite is doing the same, but even more. The fresh ideas allow amg to take a step forward and send you to another unforgettable journey through the stars.


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