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Psycho le Cému “Epilogue ~ To the another future” at Nakano SUNPLAZA Hall

26/06/2019 2019-06-26 00:30:00 JaME 632 views Author: Tomo

Psycho le Cému and their fans overcame the past in a memorable place.

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This year, Psycho le Cému returned to Tokyo’s Nakano SUNPLAZA Hall, which was where they played their last live before going on hiatus back in May 2006. Just like at that show, the members’ stage costumes were displayed on the stage. The piano version of REMEMBRANCE started to play after the lights blacked out. The voices of amazed fans rose up when they saw white feathers starting to fall to the stage, as if time was being wound back 13 years. Then, the five members, who were all clad in white like they were when they last performed in the venue, appeared on the stage one by one: first bassist seek, then guitarist Lida, then drummer YURA-SAMA, then guitarist AYA, and finally vocalist DAISHI.

The band started the show with Prism, and the fans danced along to AYA and YURA-SAMA’s choreography. The next dance rock song, Gekiai Merry-go-round, cheered the audience up. DAISHI delivered the powerful vocals while sometimes also enjoying dancing together with the fans. During the song, Lida excited the fans with his rap interlude and AYA blew a kiss to the audience.

“Are you ready to head bang!? Bring it on!” DAISHI stirred the fans up before Indra no ya. seek took his shoes and hat off for more freedom of movement. Now back in a more traditional band formation, DAISHI and the three guitarists head banged with the fans as they let go and moved along with the aggressive sounds. Transitioning to the next song, Mind core, Lida took center stage and set the fans on fire with his powerful guitar riffs. seek’s shouts and YURA-SAMA’s high speed drum beats added some edge to the melodious rock song as the fans moved their arms in sync with DAISHI.

“Welcome to Psycho le Cému’s world. Let’s go back to that day,” DAISHI said before Michi no sora. During the performance, seek walked around the stage and played his bass guitar back-to-back with Lida, and then with DAISHI. DAISHI, in return, rubbed seek’s head. “The days we spent awaiting a miracle slowly started to move forward. Come on!” Sei〜excalibur〜ken started to play at the vocalist’s call. Exhilarating twin guitar riffs and an addictive bass line thrilled the audience. The fans danced to AYA’s choreography during the chorus and they cheered when DAISHI and AYA showed off a puppet dance move. “Do you want us!?" DAISHI provoked the fans to shout out during Lida’s guitar solo.

Later, the show had an emotional performance of FANTASIA〜Koi no Gensoukyoku〜. With the song’s beautiful melody, DAISHI wholeheartedly sang of his regret and longing for a second chance. Warm applause filled the venue after the song, and the band left the stage.

Afterwards, the fans saw footage on the stage screen with the image of clock hands winding backwards. Then, scenes from the performance of REMEMBRANCE back in 2006 began to play. “Dear God, please let us fly back to that place on that day just one more time,” the caption emerged on the screen. The video presentation continued to an introduction of the band’s new skit FANTASIA. In the story, Lida fell to the temptation of a dark medicine and disappeared with one of the scriptures of FANTASIA. “Will the other four members be able to truly forgive Lida and take back the scripture?” The skit started after the narration.

During the last part of the skit, the four members spoke to Lida, who was about to end his life out of desperation.

“It’s been 20 years. I remember how we often visited each other’s places after we moved to Tokyo to work on guitar arrangements. Please, move on together with me as my friend and mentor,” AYA said.

“I loved REMEMBRANCE, and I wanted to do a band together with you. That’s how I joined the band in back 1999. Since then, we held many lives together across and even outside of Japan. When I saw you start crying during the guitar solo of REMEMBRANCE here on this very stage on that day, I thought to myself that Psycho le Cému was about to go on hiatus. I am happy to be able to enjoy playing Psycho le Cému’s songs here with you again after 13 years,” seek said.

DAISHI spoke about his childhood memories with Lida and continued, “Do you remember how you burst into laughter when you saw my bald head and fat body when you visited me at the prison? Do you remember how you wished me luck after the performance of REMEMBRANCE on that day, knowing that we would walk separate paths? As a friend from childhood, and as a leader of the band, let’s continue this journey together.”

“Congratulations! You won the ‘YURA-SAMA Award’ for making me smile more than anyone else in the world! I’ve always had a fun time together with you since my late teenage years, doing things like talking about cartoons in the car when we are on tours and going to Disneyland together. We worked together after the band went on hiatus. My motto is to focus only on the fun things in life. Please keep winning the ‘YURA-SAMA Award’ from now on,” YURA-SAMA said.

The skit ended with the band members truly reconciled and starting a new adventure in search of the remaining scriptures.

Then, BLADE DANCE started to play. The five members each sang in turns and had the fans dance to their cheerful choreography. “Are you awake!? Let’s go full throttle, because the future begins from here!” seek ignited the fans for Revenger-Kurayami no Fukushuusya-. seek’s deep voice and DAISHI’s high-toned voice created an explosive chemistry during the song. The fans head banged to the raging band sounds. Psycho le Cému closed the show with melodious pop rock song Mousou Graffiti.

“Thank you for coming today. Let’s keep living together, remembering that the dream is not an illusion,” DAISHI said during the encore. Finally, REMEMBRANCE started to play. During the song, the four front members gathered before YURA-SAMA’s drum set just like they did 13 years ago. This time, Lida delivered the liberating guitar solo with a big smile on his face. In the middle of the song, DAISHI spoke to the fans, “I betrayed everyone and ended Psycho le Cému in this place. That day, the white feathers of sadness fell, but today’s white feathers bring us hope. Let us hear your voice.” The fans wholeheartedly sang along as the white feathers fell to the stage. The sad memory of the past was now replaced by their joyful singing voices.

After the song, the five members took some time to speak to the fans.

Thank you for giving us such a great opportunity. I was able to play the best REMEMBRANCE ever. Our best is yet to come. We will do our best to go for our 30th anniversary, so please follow us.

I never could have imagined that I would be able to be with my band members and you guys in this place again. Thank you.

I believe that you need Psycho le Cému in order to lead a happy life. Please continue to follow us.

We are back in Nakano SUNPLAZA! It was the best REMEMBRANCE ever. We made a good start for our 20th anniversary. It was very sad 13 years ago, but no more crying. Let us move forward with a smile from this day onward.

We are back. Did your sad memory of this place change to a happy one? This is our 20th anniversary. There was a period of time where we were on hiatus, but that period made our bond stronger. We were able to come back here because you guys protected Psycho le Cému during our hiatus. We have a dream that we cannot give up on. That is to hold a show at Nippon Budoukan. We cannot give up until we take you guys, who believed in us for 20 years, there. Please support us.

At the end, the band and the fans took a group photo together. “Last time, I said ‘thank you for everything’ to you. Today, I would like to say ‘let’s journey on together’. Let us do a rocket jump for our bright future!” YURA-SAMA said to the fans. Everyone jumped up together and brought the special day to a close.

Set list

01. Prism
02. Gekiai Merry-go-round
03. Kronos
04. Indra no ya
05. Mind core
06. Michi no sora
07. One day
09. Sei〜excalibur〜ken
10. Ai no uta
11. FANTASIA〜Koi no Gensoukyoku〜
14. Akiramenai Days
15. You&Me
16. Kiseki wo shiru bokura wa gosenfu ni saku kibou wo utau
17. Revenger-Kurayami no Fukushuusya-
18. Nosferatu
20. Mousou Graffiti


21. Fighting
23. Murderer Death Kill –Long ver.-
24. REMEMBRANCE –Long ver.-


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