Interview with Broken By The Scream

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Interview with Broken By The Scream

The extreme metal-influenced idol group introduces itself.

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Broken By The Scream (BBTS) characterises itself as a “screaming metal idol unit”. In this interview, the members Nozukidaira Io, Kumanomidou Yae, Uriin Kagura and Yabusame Ayame will elucidate this notion and introduce their group.

Hi! Would each of the members please introduce another member?

Yae: The pink leader of BBTS, Yabusame Ayame, has a genuine metal idol character. Her soft voice is fascinating!
Ayame: Yae-chan is a generally cheerful girl who conscientiously takes care of different things. She sings and does MCs well, for which I respect her.
Io: Kagura acts normally like an adult, but she goes into a frenzy on stage. She emits thorny screaming.
Kagura: One couldn't imagine from Iorin's cute looks what a bestial voice she produces. She hates losing and cares about the other members. Her heart is passionate and delicate. She loves owls and ramen. For me, she's a good comrade.

Please describe BBTS' music in one word.

Yae: Sharp music.
Ayame: Risky.
Kagura: Bridging the gap between looks, voice and music.

Many foreign fans don't understand Japanese, so could you briefly explain your lyrics? What kind of things do you sing about? Do the lyrics have any general themes?

Ayame: The songs give a violent and bold feeling, but a lot of the lyrics sound somewhat cute, describing the heart wrenching feelings of girls in love.

Congratulations on your debut mini-album SCREAMING RHAPSODY that was released in November! What kind of songs are there on the album? What's its strongest special characteristic?

Yae: Thank you! The album ranges from live staples heard at every BBTS concert to not-so-often heard ballads, so it will familiarise you with the many different sides of BBTS. Each of the songs will make you want to sing them by yourself. The album provides all there is to know about the charm of BBTS!

If you were to do an overseas show, is there a number one place you'd like to visit?

Ayame: As we haven't performed lives overseas yet, we don't have any number one destination. However, as it seems that our overseas support is growing, we'd like to visit Europe, America and all the different places in Asia!

Who are your favourite overseas artists and bands?

Io: I'm a big fan of Marilyn Manson. Among Finnish artists, my favourites are Ensiferum, Korpiklaani, Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica, Turisas, Finntroll, Nightwish and such.

I watched the video for Koi wa otome no nakidokoro. It's a really powerful song. Even if you don't understand all the words, you can tell that the emotion is strong. Do you have any special feelings while singing BBTS songs?

Kagura: I have the feeling of wanting to express sincere emotions to the ones listening to our singing and screaming. Then there is the sheer fun of raging with the lyrics, as well as feelings that appeal to something like a painful heart.

Anybody listening to BBTS' songs will probably understand what you mean by “screaming idol”. Io and Kagura, how do you feel about doing death vocals? Does it require lots of practice? Do you have any tips for beginners?

Io: Being able to produce a powerful death voice feels really good. I practice in short periods at a time. It's important to hold on tightly to the image of the kind of voice you want to produce.
Kagura: Because it's so noisy, I practice a lot at studios and such places. I think producing death vocals is nice when I don't overdo it and take appropriate breaks. When I load the performance with emotions, it becomes easier.

BBTS is an idol unit, but you perform gigs with a live band as well. How do live shows with and without a band differ from each other?

Yae: That's right. Whether or not the band's with us, we're always surrounded by awesome artists. Never wanting to lose to them, we always give our best at live shows. What's fun is feeling the atmosphere and how the genres differ again and again.
Ayame: At live shows with many idols, the sets are capable of exciting people. However, at live shows with many bands, the sets feel like full-on attacks!

Have you received any interesting or unforgettable comments from people who have listened to BBTS? If so, please share some.

Ayame: As you'd expect, comments regarding the death vocals are really typical. The likes of “Are they really making the voice themselves?” or “Girls producing that kind of voice ... ” are often heard.
Io: “An antithesis to the concept of an idol”; ”There's an old man living in Io's throat”.
Kagura: “The shouting's so noisy” or something like that. Ha!

On Kagura's Twitter account, I found a video in which she plays the piano quite well. Do you think you could make use of this skill in BBTS? Do any of the other members play any instruments?

Yae: I used to play the melodica in kindergarten, so that's something I can play!
Ayame: In elementary school, I belonged to the wind ensemble and played the trombone there for three years. However, I think I've already forgotten how to play it (laughs).
Io: I can play the electric organ.
Kagura: I'm still very green, but if the chance to use the skill comes one day, then why not?

Lastly, please feel free to say anything you want to the readers of JaME.

Yae: BBTS aims to be the most powerful in terms of cuteness and coolness! If you feel the least bit of interest towards our music, please watch our videos. And if you have the chance, please come have fun at our live shows! Thank you so much for supporting BBTS! We love you!
Ayame: BBTS is currently active only in Japan, but we are working hard to be able to meet people overseas as well. Thank you very much!
Io: Thanks for reading this article. I love Scandinavian metal music. One day, I want to perform in the country of yearning called Finland.
Kagura: Thank you for reading this far. If you have a chance to come and see BBTS perform, let's make it a fun live show with all our power. I'm happy if you got to know about BBTS' members or music through this article.

JaME wants to thank Ookubo Hideki and the members of Broken By The Scream for making this interview possible.

The video for Koi wa otome no nakidokoro can be viewed below:


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