LIGHTNING Best-of Album Details

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LIGHTNING Best-of Album Details

Power metallers will release a best-of album, re-recorded in English, in Europe on September 4th.

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Power metal band LIGHTNING have revealed details of their forthcoming best-of album ROAD TO NINJA.

The album will contain ten tracks, nine of which are from previous LIGHTNING albums. These have been re-recorded in English by frontman Yuma, with backing vocals from YAMA-B. The album also includes a new song: Stand Alone, sung by German metal vocalist Oliver Hartmann with lyrics by American songstress Amanda Somerville. The original Japanese version of RAISE THE SUN is included as a bonus track.

ROAD TO NINJA will be released in Europe on September 4th by Sonic Promotion. It is available for mail order through German label Nuclear Blast.

You can listen to a crossfade preview of the full album below:


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