DIR EN GREY's Kyo Starts Solo Project sukekiyo

news - 01.03.2014 17:45
Vocalist of DIR EN GREY, Kyo, has started a new solo project called sukekiyo.

The band's line-up contains well-known musicians from the visual kei scene: guitarist Takumi and drummer Mika formerly of RENTRER EN SOI, former 9GOATS BLACK OUT guitarist UTA and kannivalism's bassist YUCHI.

The band already performed as a support-act on SUGIZO's recent concert, THRIVE TO REALIZE on December 29th and on the new year event, rockin'on presents COUNTDOWN JAPAN 13/14 on December 30th. On January 1st the brand-new band released a music video titled aftermath, which can be purchased via iTunes.

Previously, Kyo has worked as a solo artist before, which included a poem books and an exhibition of his works. He also continues to work with DIR EN GREY, which will be releasing the new single SUSTAIN THE UNTRUTH on January 22nd.
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