New Pay money To my Pain Song to Be Used as Movie Theme

news - 09.05.2013 08:03
source: OHP
A new Pay money To my Pain song will be used as the theme to "Seki Seki Ren Ren", a dark fantasy film about a female high school student who commits suicide, and through becoming a ghost, is able to see supernatural forces at work, as well as observing the effect of her death on her loved ones.

The song, titled Rain, was one of the last vocalist K recorded before his untimely passing at the end of last year. Pay money To my Pain's bassist T$UYO$HI also composed the background music for the movie.

A trailer for the film, featuring a short preview of Rain, can be viewed below. For more information on "Seki Seki Ren Ren", check out the film's official website.

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