New Single from Akanishi Jin

news - 06.26.2013 07:38
Popular singer and actor Akanishi Jin will release a new single on August 7th.

Titled HEY WHAT'S UP?, the single will be available in three limited editions and a regular edition. It is also worth noting that Akanishi composed and wrote the lyrics for the title track, which is sung in Japanese.

The limited Type A will come with a bonus DVD featuring the music video and making-of for HEY WHAT'S UP?. The Type B will instead come with a DVD documenting the sinle's recording and jacket photo session, while the Type C will be CD-only and will feature a 24-page photo booklet.

The regular edition will also be CD-only and will include a bonus track called SUMMER LOVING, which is not featured on any of the limited versions.
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