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news - 03.19.2013 07:48
Young Johnny's boyband Sexy Zone will release a new double A-side single on May 1st, titled Real Sexy! / BAD BOYS.

Real Sexy! is being used as a theme song for the Fuji TV show "Chousennyuu REAL SCOPE HYPER", while BAD BOYS is being used as the main theme for the TV drama series "BAD BOYS". The single will also feature the B-side Just ima shikanai and will be available in four different editions. The regular edition will be CD-only and will include the bonus track High!! High!! People〜movie remix〜, as well as instrumental versions of all four songs featured on the CD. It will also come with an original trading card selected from five kinds.

The limited Type A will come with a DVD featuring the PV for Real Sexy!, while the Type B will instead come with special footage filmed in New York, and will also include a 12-page booklet featuring photographs taken on location. The Type C will feature the making-of video for Real Sexy! and will also include a 12-page booklet. First press editions of all four types will come with a bonus poster.
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