hide's Grave Defaced

news - 03.05.2013 03:49
HEADWAX ORGANIZATION CO., LTD. announced that the grave of hide, best known as guitarist of X JAPAN, has been defaced.

The people responsible for defacing the grave were disturbing the area with littering and loud, aggressive behavior. They also scratched the gravestone and removed some of the photographs left by visitors. It is currently unknown if the culprits have been caught.

HEADWAX ORGANIZATION CO., LTD. warns that if there are any further acts of vandalism, hide's grave will no longer be open to the public. They are currently working on setting new rules for visiting the site to give visitors the opportunity to pay their respects while still maintaining the peaceful and respectful atmosphere of hide's grave. The agency asks visitors for their understanding and to help them to combat disrespectful behaviour by reporting any acts of vandalism.
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