Three New Releases from Raphael

news - 11.29.2012 09:00
source: CDJapan
Visual kei band Raphael has announced several new releases for the upcoming months.

First of all, they will release a live album called Tenshi no hinoki butai on December 26th. It will come out on two CDs featuring 30 tracks recorded during the band’s consecutive shows held on October 31st and on November 1st.

On the same day, Raphael will release a DVD entitled Tenshi no hinoki butai dai ichi ya "Hakuchumu". It will feature selected footage from the aforementioned lives with 22 tracks in total. They performed together with guitarists ANCHANG (SEX MACHINEGUNS), Sakito (NIGHTMARE), Yumehito (AYABIE) and Lida (Dacco).

A month later, on January 30th, the band will release another DVD. Titled Tenshi no hinoki butai dai ni ya "Kokuchumu", it will feature footage from the second day of their two-day show.
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