INORAN's New Band: Muddy Apes

news - 09.14.2012 07:21
source: Bishi-Bishi Press Release
European label Bishi-Bishi have released Muddy Apes' debut album.

The band was started by LUNA SEA's INORAN and Hirose Taka from UK rock band Feeder. Alongside these two musicians, the band also includes as support members guitarist Dean Tidey, also from Feeder, and vocalist MAESON from 8otto. This east-meets-west band holds the concept of "world-wide rock"; playing the rock music that they want to, regardless of who they are and where they have all come from.

Muddy Apes' debut album, titled Crush It, was recorded in Florida and mixed by Steve Orchard, who has worked with influential western artists such as Paul McCartney, U2, Elton John and Iggy Pop. Crush It was released through Bishi-Bishi at the beginning of the month and is also available to download through European digital download stores, such as iTunes and Amazon.

You can find out more about Muddy Apes through their official Facebook page, official Twitter account and official YouTube channel.
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