SCREW to go Major

news - 08.07.2012 07:38
SCREW have just announced that they are to go major with the release of their new single XANADU, set to come out on October 17th. The group will start a one-man tour, XANADU-Seventh Heaven...- on the same day at Shibuya O-WEST with a tour final date at Osaka MUSE on December 9th. SCREW thank their fans for helping them reach this point.

XANADU will be available in three types: two limited editions and a regular edition. The limited editions features a DVD featuring the PV and making-of clips, while the regular includes a a special member picture, selected from a set of five, and a trading card selected from a set of six.

In celebration of their new major status, SCREW will broadcast their second show in the series Nico Nico Yattemita via Nico Nico Douga on August 18th at 22:00 JST.

The gate link is here. Free registration is required to watch and/or timeshift for later viewing. Approximate viewing times for the hour-long program are below:

August 18th - 06:00 (Los Angeles) 
August 18th - 09:00 (New York) 
August 18th - 10:00 (Sao Paulo)
August 18th - 14:00 (London) 
August 18th - 15:00 (Paris) 
August 18th - 17:00 (Moscow)
August 18th - 22:00 (Tokyo)
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