Update on baroque's Bansaku

news - 07.31.2012 16:11
Visual kei band baroque recently revealed that their bassist Bansaku went missing on June 24th. After a long wait, some news regarding Bansaku has been received.

The band and its management posted a message on a special page for Bansaku announcing that they had received a letter from the bassist's reprasentative stating that he was safe, but that due to his physical condition he has decided to leave the band. As this letter did not come from Bansaku himself, the other bands members are skeptical as to whether these are his true intentions and are currently trying to negotiate a meeting in person.

At present, baroque will continue with their scheduled concerts and again apologise to their fans for the worry the situation has caused. Further updates on Bansaku's condition and his participation in the band will be shared when they are made available.
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