Details on LUNA SEA's New Single

news - 02.21.2012 09:06
Around a month ago, it was announced that legendary rock band LUNA SEA are set to release a brand-new single after twelve years without any new releases.

The band has now revealed the title of this single to be THE ONE - crash to create - . As previously stated, it will be released on March 21st in four different versions: a regular CD, a high-quality CD, a 5.1ch surround version, plus a box set featuring all three versions.

LUNA SEA have organized a special release event at United Cinemas in Toyosu titled FULL MOON CONTACT “THE ONE” on March 8th, when there will be a full moon. A limited audience of thirty fans will have the opportunity to listen to the single in high quality before anyone else. Fans are able to apply for the opportunity to attend by writing in, as detailed on LUNA SEA's official website, with entries to be received no later than February 28th.

The event will be also be streamed live via USTREAM and Nico Nico Live. This will be a special 22-hour long program and the release event will be streamed at the end of it.
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LUNA SEA 03/08

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