Long-Awaited New Single from LUNA SEA

news - 01.21.2012 08:30
Legendary rock band LUNA SEA have announced the release of a new single for March 21st.

The band's last single release was LOVE SONG, which came out twelve years ago, on November 11th 2000, which was the same day that LUNA SEA announced that they were to disband.

This long-awaited new single is currently untitled, but has been promised to be a dramatic masterpiece reaching over twenty minutes playing time. All band members have contributed to this song from its concept to arrangement.

The single will be released in four editions. These will be a standard CD-only edition, a Hi-quality CD and a 5.1 surround CD (a SACD player is required to play this format), as well as a limited deluxe edition containing all three of these discs in special packaging.
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