Two New Albums from SUGIZO

news - 10.24.2011 15:31
Guitarist SUGIZO, who is active with X JAPAN, LUNA SEA and JUNO REACTOR, as well as his solo work, will release two new albums on December 7th.

The two albums are titled FLOWER OF LIFE and TREE OF LIFE and are each set to come in a CD-only edition as well as a CD+DVD edition. FLOWER OF LIFE will be a an instrumental album, while TREE OF LIFE is set to include collaborations and remixes from other artists, including work by SYSTEM 7 and YOUTH, MaZDA, JUNO REACTOR and TOSHINORI KONDO.

SUGIZO has stated that around 40% of the material featured on the two albums is new, while the rest will be remastered versions of previously released songs, such as his recent digital singles PRAY FOR MOTHER EARTH and ENOLA GAY.
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