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The internationally respected band DIR EN GREY has launched the project "SCREAM FOR THE TRUTH".

The band has opened a website, on which they have re-posted their open letter, which was previously posted on August 1st on their official Facebook page. The band is accusing the Japanese Government of hiding the truth about the radiation level after the nuclear disaster caused by the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.

DIR EN GREY posted on the SCREAM FOR THE TRUTH website a video message in which they share their opinions about the current state of the country and persuade people to search for the truth and stop the lies. Billboards with the slogan "scream for the truth" and provocative graphics with nuclear themes based on Japan's national flag are currently hanging at Times Square in New York City.

The video message from DIR EN GREY's website can be watched below:

Dear Readers,

Much confusion has been brought around this news in the past days. Since this project was announced on no DIR EN GREY official website or social network, many details made us think that this information was probably fake. So we decided to remove it at first and apologized about posting it too quickly without having double checked it enough, especially since it was mentioning very sensitive content related to politics.

Now we have received official confirmation by DIR EN GREY's Japanese management that this information, project and website are not fake.

Sorry again about the confusion. We do our best to bring you the most accurate information.

Reyep, JaME Founder and President
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