KISAKI PROJECT feat. Jui in France

news - 03.01.2004 07:00
source: Association Paradox
UNDER CODE PRODUCTION, in association with L'’association ParadoX, Mabel, Japan Vibes and are proud to present an upcoming visual-kei concert in France.

KISAKI PROJECT feat. Jui will perform on Saturday, May 1st 2004 at Divan du monde in Paris. Furthermore, an exclusive video-concert of other bands from the UNDER CODE PRODUCTION label will also be shown following the performance.

KISAKI is a noted musician within the visual-kei industry and is known for his beginnings as bassist in La:Sadie's (with the members who went on to form Dir en grey). KISAKI has also performed in Mirage and Syndrome and is also known for establishing the Indies label Matina. KISAKI's current label UNDER CODE PRODUCTION, which was established in 2003, manages bands Vidoll, 12012, Karen, Marderayla, Hiskarea alongside others.

The KISAKI PROJECT feat. Jui is comprised of KISAKI on bass and Vidoll vocalist Jui. Further information will be made available in the near future!

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Paris - France
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