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news - 07.29.2011 07:15
source: Nico Nico
DIR EN GREY have announced that they are to start appearing in a live broadcast on Nico Nico Douga on a regular basis.

The hour-long program "DIR EN GREY×Boo CHANNEL" will premier on August 2nd at 20:00 JST. It is currently scheduled to be a monthly program, featuring the history of DIR EN GREY, live footage and live talk sessions. This first show will feature guitarist Die as its guest and will include discussions about the new album DUM SPIRO SPERO, which is scheduled for release on August 3rd.

The program will be available to watch on Nico Nico Douga and the viewing times are as follows:

August 2nd - 04:00 (Los Angeles) 
August 2nd - 07:00 (New York) 
August 2nd - 08:00 (Buenos Aires)
August 2nd - 12:00 (London) 
August 2nd - 13:00 (Paris) 
August 2nd - 15:00 (Moscow)
August 2nd - 20:00 (Tokyo)
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