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news - 07.29.2011 15:00
Quartet flumpool have unveiled details of their upcoming single Akashi, which is scheduled for September 7th.

Vocalist Yamamura Ryuuta wrote the musical composition around the theme of "friends" and the title track will be used as the insert song for NHK broadcast "Minna no uta" between August and September. The song was also assigned to the junior high school division of the "78th NHK National School Music Competition" which, in the past, has seen tracks by Angela Aki and Otsuka Ai performed. The B-side Kakusei Identity will be used as the image song for the broadcast of the "Rugby World Cup 2011".

The release will be issued in CD and CD+DVD format, with both editions featuring six tracks in total. The DVD will include a music video, member interviews and more.
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