PS Company Summer Camp Broadcast

news - 07.28.2011 08:45
Ahead of the event PEACE AND SMILE CARNIVAL 7days, which will start on August 11th and gather all PS COMPANY artists, Harajuku Nico Nico will organize the ~PS COMPANY Natsu no jin (Summer camp) ! ~ Visual battle royal ! on July 31st.

Tora, Alice Nine's guitarist, will lead the programme. Four teams, made up of Hiroto and Saga (Alice Nine), Takeru and Chiyu (SuG), Shin and Ko-ki (ViViD) and Byo and Jin (SCREW) will battle against each other in a gameshow style.

The programme will begin at 22:00 JST on July 31st and will be broadcast here.

The viewing times are as follows:

July 31st - 06:00 (Los Angeles) 
July 31st - 19:00 (New York) 
July 31st - 10:00 (Buenos Aires)
July 31st - 14:00 (London) 
July 31st - 15:00 (Paris) 
July 31st - 17:00 (Moscow)
July 31st - 22:00 (Tokyo)
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