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news - 07.11.2011 06:20
source: CDJapan
Idol group AKB48 have announced the release of a new single for August 24th.

The title track, Flying Get, is being used as the theme song for the 2011 remake of the TV drama series "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e - Ikemen Paradise", which will feature an entirely new cast, including AKB48 member Atsuko Maeda. Flying Get will be released in Type A and B versions, with each one available in both regular and limited editions, for a total of four different types.

All versions will come with the title track, sung by the members ranked from 1 to 21 at their 2011 general election, and the B-side Dakishimechaikenai, sung by the members ranked from 22 to 40 at the same event, as well as a bonus song, which varies between Types A and B. They wills also all come with a DVD featuring the music video for each song featured on the single, as well as bonus material, which varies between the two types.

The Type A wil come with the bonus song Seishun to kizukanai mama and its DVD will include one part of a film as well as a "dancing version" of Flying Get. The Type B will come with the bonus song Ice no kuchizuke and its DVD will include a different part of the film, plus documentary footage from the group's 2011 general election. The limited editions will come with an application card, which is only valid in Japan, while the first press editions will come with a bonus photograph.
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