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news - 07.08.2011 07:24
source: CDJapan
Johnny's Entertainment group Kanjani8 will release a new single, Tsubasa ni Koi, on August 17th.

The title track is being used as the endig theme for the TV series "Zenkai Girl" starring Yui Aragaki and Kanjani8 member Ryo Nishikido. The single will be available in a regular and limited edition, with both featuring Tsubasa ni Koi and the B-side I to U.

The limited edition will come with a bonus DVD featuring the PV and making-of for the title track. The regular edition will be CD-only and will come with the bonus tracks Nanairo Parameter and Hi & high, as well as a karaoke version of each song, for a total of eight tracks.
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