Takuya Angel at Nekocon 14

news - 07.04.2011 07:43
source: Tainted Reality
Legendary designer and DJ Takuya Angel will hold a concert, a fashion show and a rave at Nekocon 14, Virginia's longest running anime convention, on November 4th.

Following his concert, Takuya will display his unique designs in his first ever east coast fashion show, which will then transform into a rave with Takuya himself in the role of DJ. In addition to this, he will have a small booth at Nekocon's dealer room, where he will invite customers to try on and buy his unique brand of clothing, as well as selling and autographing his album Ima-Wa-Mukashi. Takuya will also participate in a fan Q&A Panel, as well as a panel about how to make it as a Harajuku model.

Nekocon 14 will be held at the Hampton Roads Convention Center in Hampton, VA, from November 4th-6th. More information about the convention can be found here. Takuya Angel is being presented by Tainted Reality. More information will also be available on their website.
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Takuya Angel 11/04

Takuya Angel
Hampton, VA - United States of America
Hampton Roads Convention Center
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