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news - 07.04.2011 07:21
source: OHP
Rock quartet flumpool will release their upcoming single Donna mirai ni mo ai wa aru/Touch on July 27th.

It has recently been announced that the new track Touch is being used as the commercial song for Sharp's latest cellphone model "au AQUOS PHONE IS 11SH". The track Donna mirai ni mo ai wa aru has been featured in a commercial for the mobile gaming site "Mobage" which also marked the first solo appearance of flumpool vocalist Yamamura Ryuuta in the advert.

The release will be issued in CD and CD+DVD format, with both editions featuring seven tracks in total. The DVD will include documentary footage taken from their national tour Fantasia of Life Stripe~bokutachi wa koko ni iru~, plus other material for a total playtime of around one hour.
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