Shonen Kamikaze Revival

news - 07.03.2011 18:00
On June 30th, rock band Shonen Kamikaze unveiled that they will make their comeback with two live performances in August.

The band, which consists of members Kazznori, SaCo, KENTARO, Minami Tsukasa, TETSU and YUUKI, made their major debut under Victor Entertainment with the release of Kokoro Antenna in 2005 and during their career released ten singles, three studio albums and one best-of compilation. The band announced news of their disbandment in June 2008 and following their last live tour Hello, went their separate ways in August that same year.

Now, Shonen Kamikaze have returned to their roots in Hyougo Prefecture and are scheduled to hold two performances over August 27th and 28th, entitled REBORN and AWAKE, respectively at the Amagasaki DEEPA.
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