cali≠gari's Upcoming Single

news - 07.03.2011 18:35
Visual/Eroguro band cali≠gari will release their upcoming single on August 24th.

cali≠gari made an initial announcement regarding the forthcoming single on June 18th and 19th at their cali≠gari #7 10th Caliversary GIG [matsuyu no yagai ~saikiDo?~」 which they performed at the Hibiya Yagai Dai Ongakudou.

will be cali≠gari's first single in around two years, with their previous maxi-single 9 -tou-/School Zone being released in mid-2009. Like its predecessor, will be released in two limited editions, one entitled ♯ Shabaranda-hen and the other ♯ Tokyo, 43:00:59-hen. While both editions will include three tracks, the final track on each version will be different with the former including Toi Toi Toi and the latter Subete ga kurutteru ~anmari kurutte nai-hen~.
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