Kawamura Ryuichi Breaks World Record

news - 05.08.2011 14:30
Kawamura Ryuichi, solo artist and vocalist of legendary band LUNA SEA, has achieved a Guinness World Record by performing 104 songs in six-and-a-half hours.

On May 3rd 8,000 people attended his concert at the Nippon Budokan. The concert, called KAWAMURA RYUICHI at Nippon Budokan "Genkai no Sono Saki he" 100 no Monogatari ~Epilogue~ started at 2pm and finished after 9pm. Kawamura took ony three breaks. The concert was divided into three parts, corresponding with three different stages of his career.

In 2008 Kawamura previously attempted to break the record, but performed only 71 songs in four-and-a-half hours and so was not successful. This time, however, he achieved his goal. After the show he received a certificate from the head of the Japanese branch of the Guinness World Records. A short video report from this event can be watched on the JIJI Press official YouTube account here.
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