LUNA SEA's PROMISE Released Digitally for Earthquake Victims

news - 04.09.2011 08:30
source: LUNA SEA Press Release
Today, LUNA SEA has released the new single PROMISE for download only. The song PROMISE was played at their live at Kobe World Memorial Hall at LUNA SEA's REBOOT concert last year, but there were no plans to release this song at the time. Facing the danger and the tragedy of the Great Tohoku-Kanto Earthquake, LUNA SEA made a fast decision for this release.

All proceeds of this new LUNA SEA single will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society and the American Red Cross for earthquake relief and recovery.

The members of LUNA SEA state the following regarding the release:

We, the members of LUNA SEA, would like to once again express our sincerest sympathies to all the victims and their families affected by the Tohoku-Kanto Earthquake, and also would like to extend our deepest condolences to those who sacrificed their lives and their families via Japanese and United States Red Cross Society.

As we hope to contribute to a fast recovery and revival of the damaged areas, we have decided to make a brand new song in 10 years available for download in which all of the proceeds will be donated to earthquake relief.

What can we contribute as LUNA SEA in a hardship like this?

After a thorough contemplation, all the members agreed that we shall generate support through music because music is the reason of our presence and our lifetime mission.

Let's walk together hand in hand until the day this tragedy is healed.


The song can be downloaded from the following Amazon websites for £2.79 or $4.99:

Amazon Japan
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon Germany
Amazon France
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