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news - 10.25.2010 16:07
source: Official Site, CDJapan
After the recent announcement of Kaya’s appearance in France, the eccentric visual kei singer has revealed that his new single will be released in December.

The concept of the single, which is titled Madame Rosa no Shoukan, will be Elizabeth Bathory, the 16th century Blood Countess who was said to torture young women and bathed in the blood of virgins to retain her youth.

The gothic single features three tracks: the title track Madame Rosa, its instrumental version and a remix. It will be released in two limited editions on December 22nd: Madame Rosa no Shoukan -Biyaku- includes a sticker, while Madame Rosa no Shoukan -Jyakou- contains the novel "Madame Rosa no Shoukan". An autographed postcard will come as a bonus with the first press editions.
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