New Releases from Dragon Ash

news - 10.25.2010 15:43
source: CDJapan, OHP, Tower Records
Popular hip-hop/rock band Dragon Ash have announced the release of a new single and album for the upcoming months.

Spirit Of Progress E.P. will be released on November 3rd and will feature the rock song Rock Band featuring KO-JI ZERO THREE from Gnz-WORD and SATOSHI from Yama Arashi. A preview of the PV is available on the band's official site.

The single will contain four tracks in total, including Time of your life and Ghost Remains, which features UZI-ONE, the vocalist of Aggressive Dogs. A limited edition will be available with a digital photobook.

Just over a month later, Dragon Ash will also release a new album. The album, titled Mixture, will be released on December 8th. Its featured artists will include PES from RIP SLYME, VERBAL from m-flo and TAKUMA from 10-FEET, as well as also featuring the aforementioned single. The limited edition will come with a bonus DVD, though its contents are currently unknown.
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