andymori Live DVD and Member Loss

news - 10.17.2010 08:27
andymori have announced that their drummer, Gotou Hiroki,will leave the band after their performance in Kichijoji, Tokyo, on November 27th.

Gotou has stated that he would like to head in a different musical direction from the other two members of andymori and is planning to continue his musical career after he has left the band. Despite this announcement, the remaining members have a positive attitute towards their future.

In addition to this, andymori will also release a live DVD Live Boku tachi andymori~Hibiya yagai dai ongaku dou Live & Documentary~ on December 8th. It will be the band's first full-length live DVD and will include footage from the live held on September 25th at Hibiya (the concert during which Gotou Hiroki announced his departure). The DVD will come with a second disc featuring a documentary.
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