Közi's New Band XA-VAT

news - 10.11.2010 16:48
A brand-new visual kei band called XA-VAT has announced the release of their first single.

This band consists of Shuji Ishii (cali≠gari, GOATBED), Közi (MALICE MIZER, Matenrou, Eve of Destiny), SADIE PINK GALAXY (SPEECIES) and Takao Koma (SITHA, GOATBED).

Their first release will be a single, simply called XA-VAT, which will come out on December 2nd and will feature the songs XANADOoM and ZEROTICA. It will be available in one regular and two limited editions with deluxe compact discs. One of the limited editions will contain a DVD featuring the music video of ZEROTICA, while the other will feature a bonus CD featuring the song NUMANS-ROXETTE.

XA-VAT will also hold their first live performance at the ASTRO HALL in Tokyo on November 16th.

The band has set up an official website, which can be found here.
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