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news - 10.13.2010 16:27
source: Neowing
the Gazette have announced the release of a new single, called PLEDGE, for December 15th.

It will be released in three different editions and, as usual with the GazettE, will include Optical and Auditory Impressions. All three versions will include the title track and the B-side THE TRUE MURDEROUS INTENT. The Auditory Impression will be CD-only and will feature a bonus track called VOICELESS FEAR.

Both Optical Impressions will feature the two main tracks only, but each will come with a different DVD. Optical Impression A will come with a DVD featuring the PV and making-of for PLEDGE, while Optical Impression B will come with a DVD featuring three songs from their performance on July 22nd at Nippon Budokan.
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