JACK IN THE BOX 2010 Live Stream

news - 08.17.2010 16:00
JACK IN THE BOX 2010, the famous Japanese music summer event, will be streamed live on August 21st on various sites.

This year the event includes artists such as acid android, DEAD END, girugamesh, Karasu, Ken, Kyo, MUCC, SID, TETSUYA, VAMPS, 44MAGNUM, Zoro, Alice Nine, Becky ♯ ♪, LM.C, Ryuichi Kawamura, LOUDNESS and sads.

The live stream can be found on the following sites:USTREAM on MySpace, Sync Music Japan and NEXUS TV.

The festival will last for the whole day and starts at 11am Japanese time, which is approximately 4am in Europe.
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ZORO 08/21

A9   ACID ANDROID   DEAD END   girugamesh   Ken   LM.C   MUCC   SADS   SID   TETSUYA   VAMPS   ZORO  
Chiba - Japan
Makuhari Messe
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