Details of the GazettE's Upcoming Releases

news - 06.02.2010 11:17
the GazettE have given more information about their new single, planed to be released on July 21st.

It will be called SHIVER and will be released in two versions. Both will contain two new songs: SHIVER and HESISTATING MEANS DEATH. The limited edition, SHIVER -Optical Impression- will also include a DVD with the title song's PV and making-of. The regular edition, SHIVER -Auditory Impression- will contain the bonus track NARAKU.Both versions will include a collector’s card.

There is also some good news for anime fans, as SHIVER will be used as the opening song for the second season of popular anime "Kuroshituji". Because of this, the GazettE will also release a special limited version of this single, titled Kuroshituji II, which come out on the same day as the main release. This special edition will include SHIVER and its TV version, a "Kuroshituji" card and a DVD with the anime's opening clip.

the GazettE also announced the tracklist for their upcoming PV collection FILM BUG II, due to be released on August 4th. The tracklist can be seen here.
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