Onmyo-za Live DVD

news - 03.07.2010 14:00
Heavy Metal quartet Onmyo-za have announced the upcoming release of their latest DVD, entitled Ryuuou rinbu, for April 21st.

Onmyo-za made their commercial debut in 1999 with the album Kikoku tenshou and have since become well-known within Japan and internationally for the "reinforcement of traditional Japanese culture" within their works and their costume designs. which are inspired by those worn during the Heian era.

The DVD will feature footage from Onmyo-za's 10th anniversary concert tour Ryuuou rinbu and their final performance on December 29th at the JCB Hall in Tokyo. The release will be issued in a regular and limited edition and both versions will contain 31 tracks from the performance. The limited edition will come housed in a special slipcase, cased in digipack binding and will also feature a 36-page colour booklet.
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