the Next Music from TOKYO!!! Canadian Tour

news - 02.26.2010 23:17
In honor of the underground japanese rock scene, five bands have been invited to take part in a brand new event, the Next Music from TOKYO!!! vol 1.

This event will consist of a small tour throughout Canada in May. After some discussion, the final choice for the bands participating in this event will be andymori, mothercoat, owarikara, goomi and Kulu Kulu Garden. All of these bands are giving their own answer to rock music.

The highlight band of this event will certainly be the power rock trio andymori, who had success with their new album Fanfare to nekkyo. This new album reached the third place in the weekly indie Oricon chart. mothercoat deliver another style with 'intellectual' rock and some electric tunes. Owarikara give another taste of rock, playing psychedelic and '70s-oriented guitar. Kuru Kuru garden play more poppy melodies coupled with Miyahara Kotone's sweet, girlish voice. Last but not least is goomi, who describe themselves as playing underground pop that brings the listener to a strange but very interesting musical environment. They are sometimes accompanied by the screaming violon of Kobata Ryogo.

All of these bands will be touring between May 22nd and 29th in Canada. The four-date tour will take them to Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto, with a second date in Toronto to be confirmed. Unfortunately, the tour couldn't be expanded to New York and Los Angeles, so if you get the chance to go to Canada for this event, there will be plenty to look forward to.

More information about the tour and the bands can be found here.
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